Pied Sentence Examples | Use Pied in a sentence

1.a Pied myna is caught in a bird trap in the barpeta district of the north-eastern state of assam, in north-east india.

2.in recent weeks, an idea has been floated of also charging a so-called Pied-à-terre tax for part-time residents who buy expensive properties.

3.at the age of just 17, she became the first female voice in the seven-man vocal act known as the Pied pipers.

4.cooperation breeding behavior of malabar Pied hornbill in captive breeding cage

5.application study on fixed striping-surface statics technique in Pied-mont zone model experiment

6.besides, we can take some Pied magpies home for bbq.

7.flying swallow to wear Pied piper, in mid-spring, come here

8.a jester dressed in motley; the painted desert,; a particolored dress; a piebald horse; Pied daisies. variegated geranium leaves, pansy flowers, etc

9.human resources management has become an important part throughout the management activities, which have been Pied great attention to for kinds of managers.

10." it's the type of business that puts smiles on people's faces , " du Pied says. " they come back and say, 'we had the best ride ! '"

11.miniature robots can act like Pied pipers to lead cockroaches into shelters that they would not normally visit.

12.at one point, we had a crowd of several hundred people following us, a bit like the Pied piper of hamlin.

13.steve was in his ultimate Pied piper mode, proclaiming how the mac will change the world and overworking people like mad, with incredible tensions and complex personal relationships.

14.when the people of hamelin, germany had a problem with rats, they called the Pied piper.

15.the Pied piper's assistant?

16.they own a cottagein scotland and a house in london as well as a Pied-a-terre in paris.

17.but when the people of hamelin refused to pay the Pied piper what they had promised, he turned his entrancing music on their children, leading them away to never be seen again.

18.for the discerning global plutocrat, a lavish london Pied-à-terre has long been a necessity.

19.nor, contrary to suggestions otherwise, is there any intellectual or ideological Pied piper on the court.

20.when in washington, tourists like to see not only the white house but also the offices of their senators and congressmen& each one of those places being a kind of Pied à terre.

21.miniature robots can act like Pied pipers to lead cockroaches into shelters that they would not normally visit .

22.pertinence analysis of nest site selection of Pied magpie and urban green space

23.the Pied piper had all the children of hamlin on his heels.

24.one summer day in the middle ages, a strange man in multicolored (that is, Pied) clothing strode into the german town of hamelin.

25.in germany, we went to the village of hamelin, where the tale of the Pied piper takes place.

26.people with a strong 5th house attract children to them like the Pied piper.

27.the affinity of reproductive performances, namely litter size, alive-litter size, pigs at weaning, individual weaning weight and litter weight at weaning of landrace, harbin white and black Pied were compared.

28.c. we should be alert to the possibility that individuals, organizations or governments tend to Pied a worthy goal in excuse of their contemptible means and selfish interests.

29.the total huisman group employs about 2, 000 employees Pied over the netherlands, china, czech republic, brazil, usa and singapore.

30.Pied kingfisher, smyrna kingfisher, blue whistling thrush, collared crow, greater coucal: all easy.

31.first appeared at age3 in film Pied piper malone ( 1924) with his father.