Pictorial Sentence Examples | Use Pictorial in a sentence

1.of or relating to Pictorial representation.

2.they wrote music that was more Pictorial than earlier works and often attempted to imitate nature.

3.the real meaning of autumn grass lies not in its Pictorial elements, but in a concept of warm color.

4.Pictorial poetry and prose; graphic accounts of battle; a lifelike portrait; a vivid description.

5.pointers should make a quick visual reference on a Pictorial chart or to trace the relationship of data on a graph.

6.in animation, the instantaneous removal of a Pictorial information. fluctuations are spatial and temporal in character.

7.as we saw in the Pictorial example, an object needs contiguous space to be allocated on the heap.

8.this icon exemplifies the simplicity of his skillful style able to transcend Pictorial constraints with spiritual ideas.

9.this is me to study in korea where the university sees from korean Pictorial?

10.many chinese characters are pictographs, often the meaning of a particular character is apparent in the Pictorial form of the character.

11.icon: a small Pictorial representation of an object or function in a computer display.

12.some of these will include analyses of Pictorial representation and artistic form.

13.news in pictures-dedicated to Pictorial news stories.

14.Pictorial representations of some cas can be quite striking and beautiful.

15.on the light green walls hung with a few decorative paintings, all is in poetic and Pictorial splendour.

16.chinese garden-design is primarily a branch of Pictorial art.

17.so he inevitably touches with the spiritual essence of this era of Pictorial subsistence.

18.although the ethical judgment has disappeared, its Pictorial meaning unfolds with an unwonted visage of modernism.

19.you really feel like you're, so to speak, in the Pictorial with her.

20.Pictorial and information sites soon follow, changing the way magic is learned and distributed.

21.in these vast digital prints we see the artist recording the nation's history in Pictorial form.

22.let you in a world of wonder: Pictorial of science.

23.i also suggest that you buy this Pictorial book and read stories to him.

24.a general, often Pictorial, representation of a system under study.

25.we also have some children's Pictorial magazines.

26.the layout of the Pictorial is fresh and lively.

27.you can develop a solution overview diagram by converting the text provided by the business description into a Pictorial representation.

28.the figure's head tilts to the Pictorial right but his, or his mask's, tears fall nearly vertically, as if responding to gravity.

29.we have watched the Pictorial record of the event.

30.the ancient maya writing is largely Pictorial in style.

31.the poems combined with the Pictorial designs to conjure up for me a dream picture of the ireland of old.

32.each dynasty was presented in a separated room along with written and Pictorial descriptions.

33.graphs offer a very general structure for the encoding of Pictorial data.

34.a Pictorial representation of all possible combinations of a genetic cross is known as a punnett square.

35.his painting is acknowledged to have established oil color on canvas as the typical medium of the Pictorial tradition in western art.

36.the primitive artists of banpo village began using Pictorial designs for decorative purposes and express abstract thoughts.

37.an abstract work of art; artistic content depends on internal form rather than Pictorial representation.

38.written in or belonging to a writing system using Pictorial symbols.

39.he bought a copy of china Pictorial.