Photographed Sentence Examples | Use Photographed in a sentence many of them were Photographed by you?

2.we were Photographed together.

3.i hate being Photographed

4.she Photographed the children

5.both cameras should be set perpendicular to the surface being Photographed, using a heavy-duty tripod with a dual-head support.

6.a truck with suspected hq-16 tubes was Photographed.

7.and i think you'll enjoy this building, it's never been seen, it's been still Photographed, but never Photographed by a film crew.

8.i always Photographed badly. the product picture, our product is Photographed as completely mounted.

10.she Photographed the bird in flight. Photographed saturn's ring system from a unique position with the sun behind the planet.

12.i Photographed him in profile.

13.jean detested being Photographed.'s been Photographed for magazines.

15.they're Photographed and cataloged, creating an electronic database of packaging technologies and ideas.

16.the babies of jennifer garner, courtney kardashian, and elton john have been Photographed with their products.

17.they Photographed him in the act of reading other people's mail.

18.but as long as i had enough to rest, i was willing to be Photographed.

19.they were Photographed kissing on the platform.

20.well as i said, we had a group of photographers that went out on board ships and actually Photographed the activities in process.

21.we Photographed the school team.

22.our photographer has never Photographed my children!

23.i do not love being Photographed, but i do love photography.

24.the pair haven't been Photographed together since spears apologized to her fans for her excessive partying on her web site last week.

25."but instead he seems to have Photographed yet another different species" of snailfish, among other finds.

26.this beautiful tulip i liked very much, so i Photographed them right from ground to the sky.

27.the children were Photographed in amusing posed.

28.they were Photographed and had their fingerprints taken.

29.i took a camera and Photographed some of the flora.

30.after being kept in a holding cell, i was Photographed and fingerprinted.

31.he was Photographed and had his fingerprints taken.

32.he Photographed this using a macro lens

33.he was also Photographed for dozens of magazines and papers, featuring in time and life magazines.

34.however, yang mi was Photographed lips was purple, netizen laugh says : it seemed that she was " through" the poison has not good.

35.the world's most Photographed is not the fall did not get up the courage to post, but never thought to get up.

36.once he took us to be Photographed with him in some big english photographic studio.

37.then, i used a computer shooting Photographed pyramids, sphinx portraits and so on.

38.the court also said the couple knew they would be Photographed when leaving the ritz hotel, where they were staying.

39.that's the cat i Photographed.

40.laying each one out in an orderly fashion, the toronto-based artist Photographed the static objects for his "disassembly project" .