Phosphite Sentence Examples | Use Phosphite in a sentence

1.and the normally used friction modifiers are aliphatic acid ester and its amine salt, and long-chain Phosphite ester as well.

2.this method has been applied successfully for the determination of dimethyl Phosphite content and acidity in synthetic samples.

3.the authors have been successful in synthesizing a new non-toxic anticorrosive pigment called basic zinc potassium Phosphite-phosphate by utilizing the synergistic effects of Phosphite and phosphate against corrosion.

4.a phosphorus-containing triazine oligomer was synthesized from triethyl Phosphite, cyanuric chloride, pentaerythritol and morpholine through three steps.

5.process study on glyphosate synthesis from trimethyl Phosphite is triphenyl Phosphite ozonide, the other is 3-(4-nitrophenylsulfonyl)-2-phenyl-2-thioxo-1, 3, 2-oxazaphospholidine.

7.the synthesis and application of flame retardant containing Phosphite ester for cotton

8.the synthesis of novel cinchona alkaloids-derived Phosphite ligands and their application in asymmetric catalytic reaction

9.research progress in the application of Phosphite in pla

10.the research results will provide refernce for production, application and evaluation of calcium Phosphite. on the technology for the production of calcium hydrogen Phosphite

12.the method for synthesizing dialkyl Phosphite from phosphorus trichloride was improved.

13.the influence of reaction temperature, the molar ratio of trimethyl Phosphite to 4-chlorobenzyl chloride, reaction time and feeding mode on the yield of p-chlorobenzyl phosphate was investigated. on the preparation of tripentaerythritol Phosphite intumescent flame retardant and its application in epoxy resins

15.methods: clodronate was synthesized by steps of condensation, chloration, pyrolysis and salifying from dibromomethane and triisopropyl Phosphite.

16.hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of a novel zinc Phosphite compound

17.a method for preparing dimethyl Phosphite was developed from methanol and phosphorous trichloride .

18.stabilization of polyamide hot melt adhesives ( pahma) to thermo-oxidizing by using various antioxidants, which were hindered phenols, acryl amines, cupric salts and Phosphite esters etc.

19.application of hydrothermal combinative technique to synthesis of gallium Phosphite

20.the results showed that the method of triphenyl Phosphite had many advantages, such as easiness of operation and high purity of the product.

21.effect of Phosphite ester ligand on nickel catalyst system in synthesis of high cis-polybutadiene rubber

22.application of Phosphite ester antioxidants to chloroprene rubber this paper, the costs of ddvp (dichlorvos) production from alkaline hydrolysis of trichlorphon and trimethyl Phosphite are compared.

24.research on Phosphite antioxidant and the tendency development

25.micromorphology analysis by sem is performed on the film of triphenyl Phosphite formed on a3 steel.

26.glycine dimethyl phosphoric acid ( gdmp) has been synthesized with glycine, formaldehyde and diethyl Phosphite as main raw materials.

27.a white or yellowish hygroscopic crystalline solid, h3po3, used as a reducing agent and to produce Phosphite salts.

28.dibenzyl Phosphite was synthesized by benzyl alcohol and trichlorophosphorous in the presence of pyridine.

29.formaldehyde and Phosphite were used as oxidant by chemical reduction in solution in copper power preparation.

30.with calcium acetate as precipitating agent, the effect of Phosphite ion removal under different temperature, dosage, ph value and reaction time were investigated, meanwhile, the dephosphorization effect when using ca ( oh) 2 and cao as precipitating agent were also discussed;

31.a method for preparing dimethyl Phosphite was developed from methanol and phosphorous trichloride.

32.determination of Phosphite content in zinc Phosphite by potassium bichromate method

33.dimethyl Phosphite is an important chemical intermediate, which has widespread availability in chemical industry.

34.glycine dimethyl phosphoric acid(gdmp) has been synthesized with glycine, formaldehyde and diethyl Phosphite as main raw materials.

35.development and application of Phosphite antioxidant

36.effect of temperature on polymerization of isoprene using ironbased catalysts with diethyl Phosphite as an electron donor

37.diethyl Phosphite was continuously synthesized from phosphorus trichloride and anhydrous alcohol without any solvent in a special glass apparatus.

38.based on orthogonal test, the factors influencing the synthesis of di-n-propyl Phosphite, such as reaction temperature, reaction time and molar ratio of reactant, were investigated.