Petitioned Sentence Examples | Use Petitioned in a sentence jackson had Petitioned to be named as the special administrators of her son's estate, but was denied by judge beckloff.

2.several organizations Petitioned the government for the release of the political prisoners.

3.he Petitioned that he should have been allowed to free himself from a charge of robbery by rendering compensation.

4.she Petitioned for divorce on account of the breakdown of their marriage.

5.emperor huan, the eunuch, i heard he good at guqin, then Petitioned the emperor that liu-prefect to urge him in beijing. of the right holders of the invention patent or patent of utility models relating to the Petitioned compulsory licensing;

7.they Petitioned city hall to provide more social housing.

8.the mother Petitioned a local court to annul the marriage, but was denied on the technical ground that she is not the "legal guardian" of the child.

9.the mayors of two towns Petitioned the president to stop sending their sons to vietnam.

10.the people Petitioned to be allowed to return to their island.

11.tin soe once Petitioned for the end of military rule and the release of all political prisoners.

12.thrillingly, you Petitioned the president and trustees and won: now guys can make both bathrooms on every dorm floor equally disgusting.

13.although settlers Petitioned to be allowed to buy and own the land they were tilling, so that they could pay taxes instead of rent, the dutch rulers refused.

14.last year bettencourt-meyers Petitioned courts to investigate reported$ 1.4 billion worth of cash and gifts that her mother allegedly gave banier.

15.environmental groups that Petitioned to protect polar bears, arguing that warming threatened their habitat, said they would go court to ensure a timely decision.

16.he Petitioned for a retrial in camera.

17.they Petitioned the mayor to take immediate measures. may get news of an inheritance or get the money you Petitioned from a venture capitalist.

19.the congressman of the district must be Petitioned.

20.i had to beg her pardon. the condemned man Petitioned the government for clemency. every stage of these oppressions we have Petitioned for redress in the most humble terms. westwood was approached to design the gowns in2007 after the college successfully Petitioned the privy council for degree-awarding powers in its own right. early january, mr yan, who has launched shareholder lawsuits against listed companies, Petitioned the finance ministry to release details about expenditure in 2008 and the budget for this year.

24.researchers Petitioned the government, however, saying there was no evidence phenylephrine worked for relieving a stuffy nose. wrote at least seven letters to the central government alleging bribery, corruption and mismanagement and Petitioned officials in person.

26.but she can be Petitioned. . . by a process surprisingly like prayer.

27.local residents have successfully Petitioned against the siting of a prison in their area.

28.the condemned man Petitioned me governor for clemency.

29.the county has Petitioned the court on its behalf to reclaim these costs.

30.the defendant's lawyer Petitioned for a new trial.

31.they Petitioned the government to reconsider its decision.

32.we Petitioned his majesty for sanction.

33.a few months after her release, she Petitioned the beijing city government, seeking redress for her injuries. every stage of these oppressions we have Petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petition have been answered only by repeated injury. we fasted and Petitioned our god about this, and he answered our prayer.

36.they Petitioned for pardon.