Penned Sentence Examples | Use Penned in a sentence unnamed writer from the daily show Penned some of his jokes.

2.the goats are Penned in and fodder has to be cut and carried each day

3.there our childhood had been Penned up by an honest old dame.

4.i Penned the hindi and english lyrics that i have sung in this remix.

5.she feels Penned in by her life. she can never get away from the kitchen stove or the children.

6.she Penned a note of thanks to her hostess.

7.the solitude crossed with dream and with silence. Penned up between the sea and sadness.

8.drummer roger taylor has Penned and sang a song for every queen album up to this point.

9.he Penned a letter to the local paper.

10.when all the cattle were safely Penned up, the farmer could stop work for the day.

11.the shepherd has Penned up the sheep in the four acre field.

12.she Penned a few words of thanks.

13.Penned in by whitewashed walls and mandarin groves, visitors find themselves in a feudal labyrinth. refuses to be Penned down or pigeonholed. it has long been the color of revolution, of overthrowing the established order.

15.before she left she Penned up both dogs in the back yard.

16.the professor may not know that he has many phantom colleagues who have Penned chinese best-sellers.

17.the "dear economist" column, first Penned by alan beattie and chris giles ( now ft trade and economics editors, respectively), has celebrated its fourth anniversary.

18.after that game i Penned the last few choruses to eric the king.

19.i had Penned the chorus to a song that was eventually included in his fifth album revolution.

20.the dutch winger has Penned a two and a half year deal with the bundesliga outfit with the option of a further year.

21.the convalescent child Penned up in the house was yearning to go out and play with his brothers.

22.young men sport white gandhi caps with "i am anna" Penned onthe sides.

23.the whole family were Penned up in one room for a month.

24.but as he Penned the psalms, he was a man in search of godliness, which meant he probed god's mind about difficult subjects.

25.i had up to then only seen poems in printed books--no mistakes Penned through, no sign to the eye of doubt or trouble or any human weakness.

26.i recently Penned a piece for forensic asia called accounting wars: transnational regulation in china.

27.a few years back, danny sullivan Penned a fictional scenario of a google breakup for his blog, search engine land.

28.i Penned a few words to father today.

29.i don't have to stay in my room Penned up like a prisoner.

30.parents have received angry letters Penned in staffrooms and handed to children.

31.we Penned the sheep in for the night.

32.they had the head and voice and bristles and body of swine but their minds remained unchanged as before, so they were Penned there weeping.

33.i Penned a few lines to him.

34.unused to living in so small a house, she felt Penned up.

35.she feels Penned by her life as a housewife.

36.the pursuit of happiness, runs one of the most consequential sentences ever Penned, is an unalienable right.

37.she Penned a short memo to his private secretary.

38.johnnie boden Penned a letter that went out to selected customers last week who had stopped buying from him.

39.cosette, utterly overwhelmed by this unexpected blow, had hastily Penned a couple of lines to marius.

40.for a time, he Penned notes to journalists -- something he would never have done as ceo -- correcting them on points of gm history.