Pejorative Sentence Examples | Use Pejorative in a sentence

1.although the term "pyramid" may sound rather Pejorative, it is true of all pension schemes.

2.this is not "dogmatism" in the Pejorative sense ofindoctrination and narrow-mindedness.

3.jargon is inappropriate, whether elevated, as in specialized technical language, or demeaning, as in a Pejorative gibe.

4.i find the whole slant of this article Pejorative and misleading.

5.i didn't think he was using inequality in a Pejorative sense.

6.the word has a Pejorative overtone.

7.soldiers invent "mildly Pejorative terms" to help them blow off steam, adams says.

8.isn't there a suggestion that 'poetess' is slightly Pejorative?

9.i agree i am ambitious, and i don't see that as a Pejorative term

10.but news organizations also should make every effort to keep the discussion civil and to discourage the dissemination of falsehoods or Pejorative attacks on others. a Pejorative manner.

12.something terribl must have happened for the word'home'to have come to have such a Pejorative connotation for him. you think'brit'is a Pejorative term?

14.yet we need not be readers of ruskin to know that competition also has a Pejorative sense, even in american usage.

15.Pejorative remarks, comments, words, etc

16."eye candy" -- sort of Pejorative, don't you think? has only more recently acquired Pejorative associations.

18.because he was small, and little man in four characters two characters " small" is a Pejorative term.

19.but "fat" is only Pejorative when we allow places like the sun bar to tell us that being fat somehow makes us less of a person. means that some words are fine when referring to males, but their meanings become Pejorative when referring to females.

21.after years of parents giving their children silly names the mexican state of sonora released a list of of names that were banned for being derogatory, Pejorative, discriminatory or lacking in meaning.

22.many use the term myth in a Pejorative sense to mean that the stories described are not factually true.

23.without qualification; used informally as ( often Pejorative) intensifiers.

24.a Pejorative term for what companies can pull off with a clever copy writer, some nice graphics, and a bit of an advertising budget. legal theories, legal formalism has always been used as a certain Pejorative. line with imf standards, us policy should focus on currencies that are in fundamental misalignment, abandoning the Pejorative and accusatory term "manipulation" that was used.

27.patent troll is a Pejorative term. a more neutral term, and the one that rpx uses, is non-practicing entity, or npe.

28.objective to investigate the action and significance of phospholipase a 2 ( pla 2) in the Pejorative process of pedo-acute lung injury. the context of ethnic tourism, commercialization often has a Pejorative connotation.

30.for my father, who saved or gave away so much of his modest income, the ultimate Pejorative was "big spender. "