Pedant Sentence Examples | Use Pedant in a sentence seems just a slip of a thing, a Pedant's tick, a blip on the edge of our consciousness, a kind of printer's smudge almost.

2."ate. . . old Pedant cares the ground to ask more: " where eat?

3.and quickly discovered that mark was an excellent math Pedant!

4.the numerical simulation calculation for tube wall temperature of Pedant superheater of power station boiler; fuel heater temperature sensor and element location

5.few people like a Pedant.

6.this architect had been a Pedant. this iteration of the tale, peter parker is a Pedant with sweaty palms and weak posture.

8.he's a bit of a Pedant. a nuisance, a Pedant or a person who prefers style to substance, for instance.

10.the wise man carries his ideas lightly like colored balloons at a fair; the Pedant drags his like ponderous ladders through crowded thoroughfares.

11.he bit hungrily into his bread and swallowed a couple of mouthfuls, then continued speaking, with a sort of Pedant's passion.

12.indeed he went farther, and characterised the baron as the most intolerable formal Pedant he had ever had the misfortune to meet with.

13.he is a perfect type of Pedant.

14.stress and torque reasearch of a Pedant and offset type beam pumping unit

15.everybody at the meeting is a droning Pedant .

16.reading too much time to zaoshi literary laziness, straightening, while too quickly by provisions shall break is Pedant.

17.everybody at the meeting is a droning Pedant.

18.a captious Pedant; an excessively demanding and faultfinding tutor.

19."of course the man's a Pedant."

20.dynamical mechanical and dielectric study on the motion of the Pedant chains in network copolymer castor oil/ tdi+ hema

21.the old Pedant used so many archaisms that half of what he said was unintelligible.

22.does a Pedant digest his commonplace book into a folio? he quickly becomes great. is said that an old politico is still wiser than an old Pedant, which is certainly true.

24.bringing the in front, suddenly yan in the post. Pedant patience people, bo i should like to, about my ceremony. let them go.

25.a man of talent is one thing, and a Pedant another.

26.the others judges have already decided that you are a Pedant, a meanie or a bigot.

27.but there are never people who don't study because they are afraid of being deceived or becoming a Pedant.

28.i am no Pedant and avoid being dogmatic concerning english grammar and expression.

29.the others judges have already decided that you are a Pedant , a meanie or a bigot .

30.this is the crux of the matter, otherwise, would the pro-and as a vulgar Pedant. you drill all day heap in the book, not a Pedant would be odd miles.