Pebbled Sentence Examples | Use Pebbled in a sentence

1.striped deckchairs and bathing huts on Pebbled beer beach. drops of water running through a Pebbled brook .

3.beware, the backseat of this car is Pebbled with sunflower seed shells from his recent trip to maine.

4.along each side of the stream, there were wide Pebbled beaches.

5.the karmapa is a sturdy young man, spectacles clinging to his round shaved head, Pebbled brown half boots peeking out from beneath the robe.

6.pebble finished paper: paper with a Pebbled patter added after making or sometimes after printing.

7.she stood four meters tall at the shoulder, and had a Pebbled skin with an iridescent green and blue sheen. variegated dark green, rose and cream, plain, Pebbled , scalloped. standard trailer.

9.both ends of the Pebbled track can be set for balancing. once the ropes are removed, the pad can be used as a stepping stone.

10.the petrographic facies include hybrid matrix-supported gravelly sandstone, Pebbled sandstone, argillaceous-supported sandstone and sandy siltstone, which are mainly characterized by coarse-grained sediments.

11.i used to grow it with tricolor garden sage, which has Pebbled variegated leaves of purple and green, edged with white.

12.sea-through? speckled sandal fish that makes itself look like Pebbled ocean floor and is barely recognizable.

13.grain flow Pebbled calcarenite;