Pathological Sentence Examples | Use Pathological in a sentence

1.objective to investigate the clinical, electrophysiological and Pathological features of critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy ( cipnm).

2.horwitz and wakefield are not for a minute suggesting that such Pathological depression does not exist.

3.methods the imaging data of8 giant glomus jugular tumors with definite Pathological diagnosis were analyzed retrospectively.

4.the Pathological findings of a alpaca died of illness was observed.

5.diagnosis of microsporum gypseum infection was confirmed by fungal culture and Pathological examination.

6.objective to investigate the pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinical and Pathological features of the mitochondrial disease of neuromuscular system.

7.the Pathological changes and clinical features of acute myelogenous leukemia and chronic myelogenous leukemia.

8.similar findings were made in the Pathological tissues of patients with other autoimmune diseases.

9.objective to analyze the clinical and Pathological diagnosis of cerebral schistosomal granuloma.

10.the diagnosis should made with Pathological evidences up-to-date, the only effective treatment is bronchoalveolar lavage.

11.he experiences chronic, almost Pathological jealousy

12.objective to investigate the clinical feature and renal Pathological behavior in children with hematuria.

13.objective to observe Pathological feature of retina and choroid in the patients with high myopia.

14.he's a Pathological liar.

15.eisenhower had an almost Pathological, but healthy, fear that he might be blamed for allowing the nation to fall into another depression.

16.objective: to study the relation of age and Pathological characteristics in esophageal cancer.

17.the Pathological study of pulmonary acariasis was maded by using the guinea pig as the animal model.

18.objective to investigate the clinical and Pathological characteristics of malignant mesothelioma of special types.

19.and i'm this Pathological bachelor, but all of a sudden.

20.apoptosis is concerned with cell growth, differentiation and disappearance, as well as many physiological and Pathological processes.

21.the creep experiments at electron shimadzu universal testing machine were carry out on normal and Pathological specimens of the ten.

22.there was no significant difference of other Pathological features between the two groups.

23.these Pathological change incubation period is long, the effect appear late, very easy to be neglected. is a Pathological process of all chronic liver disease.

25.objective to discuss the nature and the Pathological diagnosis of metastatic trophoblastic tumors. became something of just kind of almost a Pathological curiosity; i really wanted to understand this.

27.objective to study the surgical treatment and Pathological changes of temporal lobe epilepsy.

28.the coincident rate between the result of patients with abnormal cytology and that of Pathological diagnosis was high (p05).

29.segmentation of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles is crucial to Pathological analysis of alzheimer's disease.

30.objective to investigate the submandibular gland stone in clinical and Pathological correlation and its pathogenesis. researchers have successfully treated this Pathological behavior in the mice-with a bone marrow transplant. investigate Pathological features and clinical characteristics of bk virus associated nephropathy ( bkvan).

33.objective to study the clinical Pathological characteristics and prognosis of intraplacental choriocarcinoma.

34.myocardial bridge is not an uncommon finding in routine diagnostic coronary angiography or Pathological examination of the heart.

35.methods: the clinical and Pathological data of4 cases with mfh of larynx were retrospectively analysed.

36.the clinical diagnosis were ameloblastoma or odontogenic keratocyst, but the Pathological report was mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

37.objective: to understand the connection between the cerebral Pathological conformation and content change of mda.

38.the Pathological changes of ccm were the main reason for repeated minor hemorrhage and multiplicity of mri lesions.