Paraded Sentence Examples | Use Paraded in a sentence

1.everton Paraded their recently acquired silverware.

2.wynne's mother Paraded naked in front of him and would tell him, as a child, of the intense pleasure she got from sexual intercourse.

3.she Paraded up and down in her new hat.

4.she just Paraded hollywood boulevard in those black get-ups of hers. had been Paraded through the newspapers.

6.they danced and Paraded around.

7.the casket is carried on the very last elephant of the dalada temple. it's Paraded around for the entire city to see. army of penguins Paraded along the beach.

9.she seldom or never Paraded this knowledge. may still be waiting for the reds' first new signing to be Paraded - but it has already been a summer of change at anfield.

11.the residents in turn called it a raid on their land by insatiable city officials, and Paraded a few poor old folk.

12.banners were Paraded from church to church on feast days.

13.the scouts Paraded in front of the queen.

14.children are Paraded on television alongside the party leaders to win votes.

15.more than four thousand soldiers, sailors and airmen Paraded down the champs elysee is Paraded during the opening ceremony of each game. at the end of the games, the olympic flag is presented to the next host city. enclosure where racehorses are saddled and Paraded before a race.

18.the band struck up, and riders Paraded round the ring.

19.without having them Paraded in front of me.

20.their great academic success was Paraded as paradigmatic.

21.the colonel Paraded his soldiers.

22.ladies and gentlemen Paraded their fine manners, wit, and charm.

23.the court in many cases also appear likely to cater to public opinion, then Paraded in public may affect the possibility of a fair trial.

24.predictably, the bush administration triumphantly Paraded greenspan's main message around washington and buried the qualifications.

25.hundreds of al-shabaab fighters Paraded through the streets of mogadishu.

26."it's a complete fiasco, " he said of the new plan, "which is being once again Paraded around as a great triumph. "

27.upon his arrival, the bride and groom are hoisted into the air and Paraded around on the shoulders of their guests.

28.hundreds of her fans-known as "little monsters"-Paraded on the street dressed in costumes and wigs.

29.he Paraded his girlfriend and his car in front of me.

30.vast lines of tanks, soldiers and missile launchers are being Paraded through the capital beijing.

31.the young commander Paraded his troops along the thoroughfare.

32.she might have been Paraded as a woman who was working hard to change her ways. the coastal towns in normandy, the germans Paraded captured paratroopers of the allies through the streets. king richard ii might have had trays of delicious food Paraded before him but not been allowed to eat.

35.sometimes they formed little bands with tin drums and penny whistles and Paraded around the streets.

36.released and Paraded around the capital, she refused to recant. instead, she repeated her accusations.

37.he Paraded his girlfriends and his car in front of me.'s not something that i can speak french that i have Paraded in all of my years in politics, though it's been quite useful to me as the foreign minister from time to time.

39.the captured criminals were Paraded in chains through the streets.