Palette Sentence Examples | Use Palette in a sentence

1.the impressionists had a sense of freedom, which, through loose brushwork and a bold Palette, introduced spontaneity and subjectivity.

2.these stylesheets can be selected and applied from the lotus quickr custom Palette.

3.the Palette lists components which you can drag and drop directly onto a page.

4.we viewed each business card by clicking the next data set button in the variables Palette.

5.or, to be more accurate, she turned the dullness of gray, from dove to anthracite, into a shaded Palette. the layers Palette and hold down the alt key in two-and-click between them can be classified as a group.

7.probably he would lay down his brushes and Palette.

8.when editing the images that are used for frames and borders, alter the colors as needed to fit within the color Palette for your theme.'s been a while since a decent, lan-capable, 256 colour Palette game hit the market, and that just seems like a shame to us.

10.i was searching the internet for a wpf based color Palette control to be used in my application.

11.the upper-right portion is a process whiteboard into which you drag and drop bpmn elements from the Palette. previous versions of modeler, there was a button on the Palette to go in and out of connection mode.

13.between coming up with a perfect Palette and knowing where to put each tone, it's easy to spend too much time coloring your design. the jpa data item from the Palette, and drag it onto the page.

15.well, at least one of them had a feathered mohawk tail in a subdued Palette of chestnut and white stripes.

16.the screen designer design page provides an integrated Palette.

17.david fincher paints from a Palette consisting almost exclusively of grey and mud brown.

18.process designers and it developers can easily drag and drop data elements and controls on the design Palette.

19.she clicks the pool icon on the Palette and drags it to an empty spot on the canvas.

20.the json file contains entries for each component listed on the customize Palette.

21.paint your Palette blue and grey.

22.this custom color Palette cannot be removed because it is associated with the active picture.

23.specify the attributes for the classes: hover the mouse over a class to open up another Palette.

24.the Palette is rendered using many of the standard figures and layouts from draw2d.

25.the upper-left section contains a Palette of bpmn elements that you can use to configure your workflows.

26.this Palette has all the objects that can be added to them.

27.kpis were also improved to add custom colors, and a custom Palette for range color definitions was introduced. this file, colour is defined in two parts: Palette and colours.

29.this technique is often used in oil painting, where the different coloured paints are applied directly to the canvas with a Palette knife.

30.if you want a greyscale image, we can override the color Palette.

31.he picked his brushes and Palette.

32.the following steps describe how to create stylesheets and add them to customize the Palette.

33.indicates that a bitmap's colors are mapped to an indexed Palette.

34.and a Palette with green and yellow colors on it.

35.beneath this div is the set of component entries for the second page in the Palette.

36.gets or sets colors in the Palette for the workbook.

37.true color display device can simulate a Palette by mapping all color during the drawing process.

38.the main factors to determine the best color Palette are the colors of the skin, eyes and hair.

39.the Palette displays a set of tools for creating objects in the diagram.

40.on this page, you select elements for which you want Palette entries and drop-down menus to be generated.