Paleontological Sentence Examples | Use Paleontological in a sentence

1.because of the lack of Paleontological proof, the recognition and relegation of paleobiogeographical division still remain to be solved. 1992 he was co-recipient of the Paleontological society's award for the most outstanding monograph in systematic palaeontology.

3.the internaional palaeontological association (ipa) was founded in 1933 as the name of international Paleontological union (ipu).

4.this site is a complex information resource on Paleontological and zoological classification.

5.what we call the evolutionary hypothesis is an explanation of a host of biological and Paleontological observations.

6.when i go to places like this , which are Paleontological sites, it's like going to a game park , an extinct game park . the end of three years, scientists realised they'd found a Paleontological treasure.

8.40 years later scientists proved that the piltdown man was a deliberate attempt at Paleontological fraud.

9.Paleontological evidence shows that the animals have been living on yellowstone land for at least a thousand years.

10.first, we determined the present distribution of each cat species and where their ancestors occur in Paleontological remains.