Pal Sentence Examples | Use Pal in a sentence

1.the waiter, also a bit of a Pal, pops in periodically to check on us.

2.when i was small, it was a childhood Pal of mine.

3.the little boy often talks to a fanciful Pal of him living in his mouth.

4.i mentioned my new Pal joey to him.

5.she asked every student to choose a pen Pal from these names and write a letter to that person.

6.tina: well, my Pal, i am listening to some country and western music.

7.i want a pen Pal in korea.

8.he's an old Pal of mine.

9.what you want me to do, finger my Pal? i don't remember nothing.

10.moammar khadafy is dead -- and his unlikely pen Pal, a retired jewish florist from brooklyn, never got to say goodbye.

11.assign each video signal ( ntsc and Pal) to a particular channel.

12.put it there, Pal, put it there!

13.she her pen Pal yesterday.

14.i got a pen Pal from the internet.

15.dear tony, this was you takes the pen Pal to accompany me the3rd year.

16.if i can only get "in" as a Pal with these girls, and never for a minute let them know i'm the gentle intellectual type, it'll be o. k. cousin ( write) to her pen Pal now. australian pen Pal, bruce, whom i have mentioned before, is coming to shijiazhuang!

19.n's Pal we know how much you hated odie. we know how much you wanted him gone.

20.i heard from pen Pal yesterday.

21.looks like your old Pal got a new job.

22.well, so long, Pal, see you around.

23.he is with his pen Pal day.

24."i told her i wanted her and me to be together forever, " he said, but now wishes he could have the married and pregnant mom as a Pal.

25.i write to my pen Pal twice.

26.iwant a pen Pal in japan.

27.his unnamed Pal was one of the 96 liverpool supporters who were crushed to death on packed terraces at the sheffield stadium.

28.i dated an internet Pal yesterday.

29.john's pen Pal writes him letters about school in tokyo.

30.i met a Pal of mine later and he suggested that we do a double act. russian pen Pal and i have been corresponding for several years.

32.he always wants to be my Pal, you know. australian pen Pal, bruce, is coming to shijiazhuang!

34.i would very much like to have a pen Pal from beijing.

35.a newspaper Pal got him a blind date, choosing alice because she was the only girl reporter shorter than he. should Pal up with john. he's the man to help you. let me offer a friendly bit of advice to this likable ogre: if you feel you're losing 'em, Pal, just shuck the clothes.

38.i want a pen Pal in america.

39.can you introduce your new Pal to us?