Painted Sentence Examples | Use Painted in a sentence

1.the wood had been Painted to simulate stone

2.the walls had been Painted an eggshell white.

3.the box was Painted within and without.

4.Painted musicians capered behind gorgeous banners.

5.he Painted himself shouting, gaping stupidly, from the back, half-seen in a mirror, as if he was determined to take himself by surprise.

6.her nails were Painted bright red to match her dress

7.the interior walls were Painted green

8.i made a guitar and Painted it red.

9.she Painted her fingernails bright red.

10.a pair of gaily Painted domesticated elephants regard one another in a jaipur park in india.

11.there are Painted on and off the top of the curve, point to the sky and the earth, seems to be forming a circle. the spring morning, li is always to his face Painted brown, and his son did not know who he is the.

13.the horse he Painted is very lifelike. add interest to plain Painted walls.

15.the timbers of similar houses were Painted with pitch.

16.i Painted the inside of the house as a child i always Painted my toenails, but i had a terrible fingernail biting habit that i couldn't seem to cure.

18.the bedroom walls would be Painted light blue

19.the walls were Painted in two shades of green.

20.he has Painted murals in his children's nursery. her wedding to miller she had displayed her husband's name on the back of her shirt Painted in her own blood.

22.after the surface is polished, a design is incised or Painted.

23.ray Painted below the waterline with a special anti-rust paint.

24.moths flew in front of it, eventually settling on the rough Painted metal.

25.the recesses are decorated with gold stars, with smaller stars Painted along the edges.

26.he had Painted all the wood with metallic silver paint

27.he stared at her plump breasts, at the dark tip of her cleavage that showed through her blouse, at her garishly Painted lips.

28.the room is Painted white with moonshine.

29.the room was strange, the walls half papered, half Painted.

30.the basement hallway is Painted a warm yellow.

31.2, i wish the exclamation mark had not been Painted out, it would have made the slogan more forceful.

32.the walls have been Painted bright yellow

33.the walls in the front bedroom are Painted with broad, pale blue and white stripes. front were five rooms with Painted beams and carved pillars.

35.they Painted a grim picture of growing crime you get to know me, you'll discover that there are many things that make me swoon; Painted floors happen to be one of those things.

37.we Painted our table to match the window frame in the bedroom.

38.she had small hands with nails Painted bright red.

39.we Painted the wooden floor with a white stain. Painted surfaces that receive the sun's heat become hotter than surfaces of any other color.