Pagan Sentence Examples | Use Pagan in a sentence

1.but as christianity spread they were alarmed by the continuing celebration of Pagan customs and saturnalia among their converts. this woman was a Pagan, a syrophoenician by birth, and she begged him to drive the demon out of her daughter.

3.c easter was borrowed from the Pagan festival celebrating the rebirth of the sun.

4.more influential still, but not to good effect, were the religious and moral views of Pagan antiquity.

5.legend states that she was the daughter of a Pagan priest, but decided to convert to christianity.

6.tabor re-appears in history no more as a stone quarry but as a Pagan sanctuary.

7.the word easter derives from eostre, the Pagan goddess of spring. fact, easter was originally a Pagan festival.

9.this was originally a Pagan festival of the dead, but later became a holiday to honor christian saints.

10.trees, wreaths, holly, mistletoe and the like are strictly forbidden as Pagan and heathen!

11.that is really Pagan fatalism.

12.many Pagan ceremonials were eventually adopted by the church.

13.the golden calf was just going to be the base of a throne, to which Pagan deities would be drawn.

14.other biblical prophets pointed out that priests had started worshiping idols in the temple and engaging in Pagan rituals.

15.the singing of christmas carols is a custom derived from early dance routines of Pagan origin

16.some altars to Pagan gods still remain.

17.the priest grafted Pagan rites upon christian usage.

18.he traded his sister to a Pagan.

19.we don't think there were any of these churches that were actually practicing Pagan idolatry., you think we're dealing with a Pagan god? yeah, probably hold nickar, god of the winter solstice.

21.with its Pagan roots, the zombie may be the ideal monster for those who do not believe in life after death. tends to assume the form of a Pagan religious ceremony, adapting itself to the forms and the ritual of the local church. other words, the christian church incorporated local irish, scottish, and welsh Pagan traditions into one of its own holy days.

24.the easter egg has both Pagan and christian origins.

25.his mother was a christian, his father was a Pagan, and there was this conflict with them.

26.still retain some vestiges of the Pagan admiration for beauty.

27.there were twelve Pagan gods in all.

28.many Pagan festivals used trees when honoring their gods and spirits. was closely identified with Pagan religions and superstitions.

30.the new religion was eager to convert the Pagan world.

31.currently i am studying the older, Pagan religions of arcanum.

32.Pagan gods that fitted in to the old, hierarchical world with its pharaoh would have threatened that.

33.this hellenization program led finally to acceptance of many Pagan practices.

34.also, if i chose my "religion" by my favourite programming language, i would be a neo-Pagan. . . slightly odd eh?

35.christianity shattered the unity of the ancient, Pagan world.

36.thus there have been french and german deists as well as english; while Pagan, jewish, or moslem deists might be found as well as christian.

37.while easter is a christian tradition, it is connected to an old Pagan holiday.

38.there was no tolerance when i told my third-grade class that santa claus was Pagan and a lie.

39.the greek Pagan world was not modern, and the modern christian world is not greek.

40.ironic indeed that Pagan rome here would have this longstanding influence upon christianity.