Paddling Sentence Examples | Use Paddling in a sentence

1.strong swimmers, polar bears have slightly webbed paws to aid in Paddling.

2.the children were Paddling in the sea. see these extraordinarily clean people ( who bathe twice a day in the river, and whose straight black hair is always freshly washed) Paddling down the river in dugout canoes, hugging the banks.

4.i had been longing for snow since my Paddling season was over.

5.Paddling in a secret and magical cove, a beautiful young woman makes an amazing find.

6.secret of success is to be like a duck smooth and unruffled on top, but Paddling furiously underneath.

7.if he is doggy Paddling, go practise your dives. there is also butterfly, sidestroke and backstroke.

8.i will begin a thorough Paddling of your bottom, forcing you into the wall to support yourself. your hands must remain on your head.

9.a crab nipped my toe while i was Paddling.

10.pp: and steep canyon walls, and he's just Paddling with his hands as fast as he can paddle and trying to do the very best job that he can.

11.Paddling the boats is easy because they are going down river.

12.the geese Paddling along a few yards astern.

13.pp: and steep canyon walls, and hes just Paddling with his hands as fast as he can paddle and trying to do the very best job that he can.

14.splashing, wading, and Paddling& it must mean a great day in the water.

15.custody of greenhouse soft-shelled turtle claws are short, non-regular Paddling;

16.on a hot day many years ago my the-middle school daughter emily, one of the most optimistic people i know, was Paddling with me in a cardboard boat race.

17.he was Paddling with his right hand and holding onto the line with his left.

18.applicability of this machine can be widely used in swimming pool, Paddling pool, landscape pool, hot spring bathing pool and fishpond and so on.

19.he's like a swan& so calm on the surface, but Paddling away like mad underneath.

20.jessica: we drove all the way out here. i'm at least Paddling out. you feel yourself surge forward, stop Paddling and grab the rails of the surfboard with your hands.

22.once the boat reached the middle of the lake, we stopped Paddling. we put away the paddles and let the boat drift by itself.

23.i began after a little to grow very bold, and sat up to try my skill at Paddling.

24.frantically Paddling to the surface, he yanked at the surfboard, attached to his ankle by a leash, climbed on, and pointed it toward shore.

25.they liked to watch the children Paddling in the stream.

26.we were Paddling in the sea, like elderly trippers at southend. a few minutes they were Paddling sullenly back to the boat.

28.the stubborn child needs a Paddling!

29.used to Paddling in steep, narrow creeks, i found this experience unnerving and awkward.

30.within two years, i was writing as much as Paddling, the money i made as a guide supplementing the money i made as a writer.

31.after three days of hiking, Paddling across rivers, and climbing steep mountains he was getting a bit tired.

32.some had not yet wearied of their gentle boat-like Paddling.

33.nixon has instituted many reforms over the last three years, and he's leery of focusing too much on Paddling as a "fix-all. "

34.with me was a friend: an intrepid woman who had spent years of her life Paddling a canoe round papua new guinea teaching english to the native population.

35.three days after we set sail, we saw a great fleet of small boats, full of savages, come Paddling toward us as if to attack us. like a duck. calm on the surface, but always Paddling like the dickens underneath.

37.this advice also applies when using an outdoor Paddling pool.

38.darren taylor, aka professor splash, jumped from a platform into a Paddling pool in front of a mesmerized crowd in trondheim, norway.

39.although i was Paddling like mad, the canoe didn't seem to be moving.