Overweigh Sentence Examples | Use Overweigh in a sentence

1.to my mind, the advantages far Overweigh the drawbacks.

2.in the light of present situations of the bad credit assets in china, this paper proposes that incremental prevention Overweigh stock solution, and carries out theoretical discussion on the measurement of credit risk.

3.multi-center theory and spontaneous management theory in the public management theory will Overweigh other theory in the analyzing and solving the problems of the urban transportation management.

4.if positive effects Overweigh the negative ones, the merger should be ratified and enforceable.

5.the advantages Overweigh the disadvantages.

6.in terms of eating habits, big appetite was the risk factor for Overweigh and obesity. 6.

7.mother with high education was risk factor of Overweight. the parents 'Overweight and obesity were risk factors for Overweigh and obesity among students. 4.

8.as far as i am concerned, the advantages of mobile phones Overweigh their disadvantages.

9.yet there are some innate disadvantages for criminal reconciliation, such as weakening the prevention and penalty function, abusing right and corruption etc. in general, through analysis, criminal reconciliation disadvantages Overweigh advantages.

10.in the aspect of human rights, women Overweigh men in the aspects of sex harassment and violent violation including family violence.

11.i suppose, personally, the advantages Overweigh the disadvantages.

12.the regression analysis on employment indicates that though the introduction of service industry from hong kong will exert some impact on that of guangdong, its advantages on employment rate Overweigh its disadvantages.

13.logistic regression analysis showed that: student gender, property of the respective districts, parents 'weight, Overweight, appetite, and night sleep time were significantly associated with Overweigh and obesity among students.

14.it is suggested that everyone want to own car, tv and fridge, do you think its disadvantages to society in this development Overweigh advantages?