Overshadow Sentence Examples | Use Overshadow in a sentence

1.it would be very sad if that was allowed to Overshadow what my players have achieved out there.

2.she said stations should be in the open, near housing, not Overshadowed by trees or walls.

3.in some organizations bureaucracy and politics Overshadow constructive logic.

4.and the power from the most high will Overshadow you.

5.to its relief the earthquake helped defuse some of this anger, which was threatening to Overshadow the beijing olympics in august.

6.hester is Overshadowed by her younger and more attractive sister.

7.but, she says, that shouldn't Overshadow the work the u.s. needs to do with those countries.

8.it was at this point that mr. jackson's bizarre private life began to Overshadow his music.

9.important as the lcr is, it must not Overshadow the importance of bank solvency.

10.but the closer one examines the logistical innovations, the more they Overshadow grand strategy.

11.that desire didn't motivate me to play or Overshadow the essence of the game, but like any kid i thought being a celebrity would be cool.

12.laziness will always Overshadow your true potential.

13.the researchers think that this occurred about a century ago, just when commercial agriculture was replacing subsistence farming and maize started to Overshadow indigenous crops in africa.

14.on top of that, there is the uncertainty surrounding the eurozone crisis and global growth that could Overshadow everything.

15.your worries and personal concerns are important, but do not allow them to Overshadow the need for your upliftment.

16.but china's stand-off with america over taiwan will still Overshadow its relationship with japan.

17.that the obr got into such a tangle is disappointing, but this should not Overshadow some genuine achievements.

18.we're sorry for paolo, but the result must not Overshadow his career, because around maldini there was an entire stadium full of affection.

19.the director-general said that concerns about a pandemic should not Overshadow, or interrupt other vital health programmes.

20.media focus on the province's death tally has tended to Overshadow other statistics of northern ireland.

21.iran, syria, afghanistan, and north korea will be up for discussion, and mr obama is expected to make a food security announcement on friday. but the eurozone will Overshadow all other conversations.

22.mr subramanian argues that china's economic might will Overshadow america's sooner than people think.

23.for an easter egg, something fun and whimsical, to Overshadow the entire rest of the game was a huge problem, and one that existed for far too long.

24.negatively, american entertainment media Overshadow the popular culture of many nations.

25.but she said that in the long term the macro picture will continue to Overshadow these developments.

26.her childhood was Overshadowed by her mother's incarceration in a psychiatric hospital.

27.the new age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can Overshadow their judgments.

28.when negative experiences Overshadow your positive experiences, the best alternative is to start creating positive memories now.

29.in both countries frustration over the unsteady direction of change has tended, perhaps unfairly, to Overshadow real gains.

30.in doing so, they risk under-investing in the regulatory structures required to ensure that the desire for quick profits does not Overshadow concerns about how research is done.

31.and she says while the world is right to be concerned about a possible flu pandemic, it should not let these worries Overshadow or interrupt other vital health programs.

32.or the temptation comes for us to even Overshadow christ.

33.but that should not Overshadow the conviction with which new labour has embraced globalisation and kept the economy and the country open to trade, investment and immigrants.

34.fears for the president's safety could Overshadow his peace-making mission

35.but the footwear dispute could Overshadow those successes.

36.he also designed one of the edinburgh university towers that Overshadows george square