Overselling Sentence Examples | Use Overselling in a sentence

1.he also warned the market may be on the verge of Overselling the dollar the same way it did the euro in june.

2.since Overselling risk property and debiting un-venture capital is prohibited in many securities markets ( such as chinese market), these factors are still considered in this portfolio model.

3.although fees are paid, machine gun military raids are conducted prior to boarding due to Overselling of berths.

4.while most experts agree that sequencing will become commonplace in medicine, some say they think dr. rothberg is Overselling his machine.

5.the only complaint was government Overselling of the idea that specific pieces of business would instantly result.

6.advantages and disadvantages of open-end fund Overselling

7.but they can't admit it, because they began the engagement Overselling themselves as the "expert" .

8.they believe these are largely down to Overselling, as opposed to a major shift in investor outlook.

9.the Overselling limits are more liberal, meaning that the central bank's limits on the depreciation of the nt dollar are looser.

10.lenny smith, professor of statistics at the london school of economics, said that scientists risk "blatantly Overselling what we know. "

11.irrational exuberance: the Overselling of emerging markets.