Oversell Sentence Examples | Use Oversell in a sentence

1.all too aware of the premature hopes raised last year after folkman's tumor report, the researchers have been careful not to Oversell the new results.

2.and it's true that in their struggle to raise money, aid groups sometimes Oversell how easy it is to get results.

3.no, i'm not going to Oversell it.

4.but the best i can say, and i don't want to Oversell my significance in his world, but i want to convey this side of him that people didn't see.

5.it is important not to Oversell the nominal gdp.

6.the majority of businesses ignore the credibility principle, and in their zest to make a good impression on a loan officer, they Oversell.

7.but does the label twitter revolution, which has been slapped on the two most recent events, Oversell the technology?

8.colleges shouldn't Oversell, and students need to be realistic about their options based on their grades, test scores, interests and goals.

9.so you're not going to Oversell it?

10.avoid all temptations to Oversell yourself but be equally careful not to undersell yourself either.

11.there are still vast swathes that we know very little about so it's important that we do not Oversell the promise of these tests, she says.

12.tip: don't Oversell your ideas and push against the company's direction, which might risk losing ground in the long run.

13.it would be foolish to Oversell the powers of science.

14.don't Oversell. be natural, develop your own style.

15.i don't overstate or Oversell the job, but i let prospective employees know we value their contributions.

16.we realized that the very nature of most salesmen is to Oversell and never do quite what they say they will.

17.as a result of all this, my bargaining bump may be a little underdeveloped, so i've never tried to Oversell myself.

18.so i don't want to Oversell this: it is not sufficient to build a peaceful, free world, but it is absolutely necessary.

19.mr obama must also be careful not to Oversell the economic benefits of tpp.