Overseeing Sentence Examples | Use Overseeing in a sentence

1.he turns and gives a signal nod to another inmate. the inmate moves towards a c. o. Overseeing the line-up and punches him in the face.

2.the sfc regime Overseeing ipo sponsors came into effect three years ago and it was an appropriate time for a review.

3.initially, she at least had a role to play in Overseeing the recovery of the body that she'd helped to kill.

4.vice president biden is already Overseeing the implementation of the stimulus, and he seems to be doing just fine.

5.when he was Overseeing the decor of a new miu miu store in manhattan in 1997, he took issue with a mirror and smashed it.

6.he said the authorities had to remain flexible until new safety measures Overseeing the handling of big cats could be put into effect.

7.president bush has said he would devote his coming week to Overseeing the relief operation in the states hit by hurricane katrina.

8.accountability is crucial for a project manager, after all, you are the only one Overseeing it all.

9.all is interrelated, and christ michael aton is Overseeing everything because everything is an extension of him.

10.for a time, another Overseeing factor known as natalia was anchored to assist with human ascension.