Oversaw Sentence Examples | Use Oversaw in a sentence

1.under president george w.bush, he Oversaw the invasions of afghanistan and iraq, and in a new memoir he opens up about the decisions and missteps involved in those military operations.

2.prior to this he was president of imaje usa, where he Oversaw the building of the company's atlanta-based manufacturing operation.

3.oliver letwin, similarly centrifugal in his instincts, Oversaw the manifesto and is among the most powerful shadow-cabinet members.

4.and he Oversaw a huge increase in revenues from television rights.

5.as founder and ceo, entrekin Oversaw marketing, product development, sales and services for the company.

6.now the man who Oversaw the canadian system during this turbulent period is crossing the atlantic to become the next governor of the bank of england.

7.fj: you served as the chairman of the board at intel for many years, and Oversaw a lot of tough decision making processes.

8.other physiological factors could have been contributing, said alexis stranahan, a professor at the medical college of georgia at georgia regents, who Oversaw the study.

9.he will go down as the president who Oversaw two historic transitions.

10.laurence evans, who Oversaw the poll for edelman, a consultancy, said it reflected "the age of sovereign risk" .

11.as commerce secretary, gary Oversaw a census process that ended on time and under budget, returning$ 2 billion to american taxpayers.

12.wei, 40, had joined alibaba in2006 and Oversaw the successful ipo.

13.csi wolfe was the primary. i Oversaw its progress.

14.specialized committees Oversaw many aspects of the city's administration.

15.after citicorp and travelers merged in1998, peterson Oversaw the integration of their respective audit teams.

16.riccitiello also Oversaw the acquisition of popcap, a mobile games maker that created the popular bejeweled.

17.as a senior director of client-enterprise reporting, he Oversaw five data-analysis teams in three states.

18.he took formal charge of the ruling peronist movement, routinely gave orders to ministers and Oversaw economic policy.

19.returning to afghanistan in 2000, he Oversaw a terrorist training camp.

20.over the next several centuries these kingdoms Oversaw the gradual amalgamation of barbarian, christian, and roman cultural and political traditions.

21.in theory, whitehall officials and ministers back in london Oversaw the empire.

22.he Oversaw schumacher's medical care when the german broke his leg in the 1999 british gp.

23.in four years, he Oversaw the addition of texas, the reestablishment of an independent treasury system, and the acquisition of territory from mexico.

24.she was the chancellor, which meant she Oversaw the university.

25.he arrived about noon and later was seen by his cardiologist, dr. allan schwartz, who Oversaw the procedure inserting the two stents.

26.bauer Oversaw the clinical trial and is the lead author of both journal articles.

27.he was rehabilitated in 1978 and the following year became governor of guangdong, where he proposed and Oversaw the establishment of china's first special economic zone.

28.murphy Oversaw an infusion of tax dollars, in partnership with major businesses, to construct two stadiums and a new convention center.

29.he even went so far as to break up the party bureaus that Oversaw the economy, prompting an abortive coup by hardliners.

30.for drive, visual-effects supervisor jerry spivack Oversaw the digital compositing of the actor's body with a prosthetic head.

31.he travelled to china and japan and Oversaw the design of the factories that manufactured metals and glass for apple products.

32.the white house also Oversaw a furious public relations effort to sell the sweeping package of energy reforms as a jobs creation programme.

33.in a year's time, poggle personally Oversaw the execution of hadiss, who died by acklay-claw.

34.oftentimes supervisors were added, but owners usually Oversaw the business operations and made key managerial decisions.

35.he Oversaw the worldcom bankruptcy and the appointment of former sec chair richard breeden as court monitor.

36.he Oversaw the writing of the liberal constitution of1917 but did little to implement its key provisions;

37.the two leaders also Oversaw the signing of a comprehensive agreement by their finance ministers to speed up bilateral economic and development projects.

38.and lest this was dismissed as typical woman's stuff, she also Oversaw the biggest prison-building programme in american history.

39.australian governor-general quentin bryce Oversaw the swearing-in ceremony at government house in canberra.

40.none of the big shots who Oversaw apartheid ever faced serious punishment.