Overhigh Sentence Examples | Use Overhigh in a sentence

1.Overhigh β-ep would restrict the secretion of gnrh, which is one of the major factors in decreasing the expression of pituitary gnrh-r;

2.the main rason of leading to Overhigh hydrogen content was insufficient anneal after forged.

3.plant height is one of the important agronomic traits of rice. Overhigh plant easily led to lodge and reduce output.

4.we need protect their legal incomes and take measures to ban their illegal incomes, and to moderate their Overhigh incomes.

5.Overhigh heat load of forced air cooling engine for motorcycle not only drops the inherent performance of the engine, but also leads to diversified troubles.

6.observation on the effect and its mechanism of reducing temperature of patients with high fever and Overhigh fever by infusing 4 ℃ mannitol

7.the mechanism of Overhigh uplift level in some observation holes is revealed and the efficacy of foamed plastics filter is evaluated.

8.the result show that the materials embrittlement was because of Overhigh hydrogen content which displayed crack delay.

9.the Overhigh expectation value for job leads to employment trouble of college graduates.

10.with these measures we can effectively achieve the goal as smoothly curbing housing prices from surging Overhigh.

11.Overhigh concentration of vitamin b1 was not good for the somatic embryogenesis.

12.but the Overhigh development expense of sales end burden the two petroleum enterprises.

13.the Overhigh temperature early warning and auto-stop-working protect system for bearing liner of pulverizer

14.due to Overhigh heels, the width of big strides turns small, and the feet move quickly, and the muscle do exercise intensively.

15.maybe i have no Overhigh diploma but i could try my best and i never let my partner down.

16.the harm to the ro/ ro ship by loading vehicles with overload, overlong and Overhigh

17.the main obstacles to the work of professional qualification credentials are the Overhigh exam expenses, inordinate teaching contents and lack of encouragement mechanism.

18.the adsorption capacity of pce of silver stone is as much as that of cement, which showed that Overhigh silver stone content affects concrete workability, however, proper silver stone can improve the compactness of concrete.

19.the Overhigh salary managers are obliged to resign.

20.the reasons include bad rust prevention between working procedures, overlong pickling time, Overhigh current density and overlong etching time of anode, poor chromium stripping and so on.

21.to most of porous silicon, Overhigh annealing temperature can result in quantum-drift change at the edge of valence band and conduction band for porous silicon.

22.the energy consumption of 1 mt/ a heavy oil fcc unit in refinery of daqing petrochemical company, cnpc, increased Overhigh after reforming.

23.an outlet of the liquid helium heat sink pipeline is provided with a pipeline safety valve for bleeding air due to Overhigh pressure.

24.water temperature Overhigh in engine is a fre-quent failure on excavators.

25.countermeasures against Overhigh h_2s in liquid hydrocarbons sphere tank when processing high sulfur crude