Overconfidence Sentence Examples | Use Overconfidence in a sentence

1.marco rubio, who won a three-way race in florida for a senate seat, warned his fellow republicans against Overconfidence.

2.research on the effect of managerial Overconfidence on finance and investment decision

3.oddly enough, you see-saw between Overconfidence and self-doubt. i myself became more and more sceptical.

4.similarly, big bonuses for short-term performance, with no penalty for longer-term losses, encouraged hedge fund managers and investment bankers to take big short-term risks and further boosted Overconfidence.

5.this Overconfidence was also seen when people tried to communicate anger, sadness, seriousness and humour in an email.

6.from behavioral finance point, the Overconfidence model and its variety discipline of money manager are derived.

7.research on compensation contract design based on the agent's Overconfidence

8.it is a generation that believes in its own ability to make changes, to the point of Overconfidence.

9.you are your own worst investment enemy, and your most grievous sin is likely to be Overconfidence.

10.decision behavior and cognitive bias& a review of research on the manager Overconfidence

11.ignorance or Overconfidence allows us to defy gravity for a while, but not forever.

12.but the men's eventual loss became the obvious outcome once the rest of the team joined mark in his Overconfidence .

13.Overconfidence: don't overestimate yourself or you may get hurt. decide carefully.

14.Overconfidence is the name of the game. yao and mcgrady are so loose it's annoying me.

15.ratio of independent directors has no obvious correlations with managerial Overconfidence.

16.the effect of managerial Overconfidence and over-pessimism on investment decision in listed companies

17.managerial Overconfidence, firm expansion and financial distress

18.computer led simulations have shown that Overconfidence in all aspects of life can often improve your chances of winning.

19.effect mechanism of the effect of institutional investors 'Overconfidence on chinese stock market

20.empirical study on the relationship of managerial Overconfidence and listed company performance

21.however also make sure that you understand the difference between confidence and Overconfidence.

22.an empirical study on the relationship between managerial Overconfidence and corporate financial behavior

23.the influence of managerial Overconfidence on corporate financing decisions

24.a study on managers 'Overconfidence and corporate financing behavior

25.they compensate for their lack of confidence with Overconfidence.

26.you are entitled to approach this option with confidence-but not Overconfidence!

27.Overconfidence leads to hubris.

28.through introducing the theories and research patterns of cognitive psychology into the field of economics, psychologists and behavioral economists bring forward the proposition of Overconfidence of investors.

29.but under-, not Overconfidence is the problem, and needs to be the focus of policy.

30.m& a based on the Overconfidence of the manager can not create wealth for shareholders, and even undermined value of the company.

31.review on the studies about firm investment distortions based on management Overconfidence

32.investor structure and stock price volatility: theoretical analysis based on Overconfidence and attention allocation

33.boards of directors independence, managerial Overconfidence and decisions of capital structure

34.study of manager Overconfidence in economic psychology will be a research tendency of this field in the future.

35.if any such Overconfidence existed before these latest numbers, it should now have gone.

36.empirical study on relationship among board Overconfidence, ceo turnover and corporate performance

37.they tried ot steer a middle course between Overconfidence and undue pessimism.

38.lack of understanding of the power of nature and Overconfidence in the ability of science leads to this kind of arrogance.

39.the underlying rate of inflation is still trending downwards and the problems of insufficient borrowing and investing exceed any problems of Overconfidence.