Overcast Sentence Examples | Use Overcast in a sentence

1.the day had begun under the gray blanket of a fall Overcast, but the sky soon cleared.

2.the rain stopped and the sky was completely Overcast.

3.it's a bit Overcast it might rain.

4.her face was Overcast with sadness.

5.the day is Overcast and humid.

6.it became Overcast all of a sudden.

7.the Overcast weather in paris of the whole week today is sunny.

8.the sky was Overcast.

9.it's a bit Overcast; it might rain.

10.the day turned out Overcast and windy, and secretly hanfeng hoped that the wind would not die down, so they could forgo the romantic walk.

11.fog is so light that can Overcast everything.

12.it was a cold, dark day, the sky Overcast.

13.yorke' s shadowy side found sympathy and affinity in the whole of his wife' s uniformly Overcast nature.

14.it's been Overcast ( cloudy) for a month.

15.the weather for tomorrow: clear in the morning, changing to light Overcast in the afternoon.

16.it was a cold, windy, Overcast afternoon in washington.

17.the weather forecast is for showers and Overcast skies

18.looking out her window she noticed the sky had become Overcast. low rounded oddly colored clouds were forming. it was still and oppressive.

19.in Overcast weather dusk light is a deep, saturated blue.

20.but on very Overcast days those clock-shifted pigeons are just as good as normal pigeons in starting out in the right directions.

21.but overhead, where arren had thought to see a heavy Overcast of clouds, the sky was black, and there were stars.

22.how about cloudy, Overcast days with no sun?

23.the sky is Overcast.

24.it was Overcast, but not raining yet.

25.it was one of those depressing, Overcast winter mornings.

26.the sky is Overcast with dark clouds.

27.the sky is Overcast.; dark clouds are gathering.

28.for three days it was Overcast

29.morning sun and Overcast skies soften diamond peak on the nevada side of lake tahoe.

30.the rain bad lessened, but it stayed Overcast.

31.the sky was Overcast, the ligtning leaped from cloud to cloud.

32.he experienced different weather conditions-windy spring days, Overcast winter days, and sunny summer mornings.

33.slight motions of the front northward or southward bring alternating periods of Overcast skies and sunshine through the month.

34.the sky may have been Overcast, but the weather was still warm and a lone windsurfer was riding the waves.

35.5 that if the main valve installed in the Overcast wells should be prepared to stay a certain space for maintenance and technical personnel.

36.tomorrow will be Overcast.

37.in shanghai, dark clouds left the sky Overcast, dampening the mood for those all prepared to view the eclipse.

38.i shot this in bradenton, florida. the Overcast day worked to my advantage. this cattle egret just brought in a stick and was staring at me.

39.the room will be very dark when it's Overcast.

40.it was muggy and Overcast.