Otic Sentence Examples | Use Otic in a sentence

1.aim to study the technological parameters of the chloramphenicol Otic drop pills in using the peg6000 as matrices.

2.results survivin was widely expressed during the proliferation period of Otic vesicle epidermis, and its expression level increased gradually during the differentiation and maturation periods of cochlea and vestibule. however, the range of expression of survivin decreased during the three periods.

3.pterOtic horn or process on the neurocranium, elongated posterior projections of the sphenopterOtic ridges of the Otic capsules.

4.objective: to study a method for the preparation and quality control of ofloxacin Otic pills ( op) and the clinical effects were observed.

5.at 72 hpf, the expression is restricted to the heart, dorsal aorta, the epithelium of gut and Otic vesicle.

6.conclusion: no in the pterygopalatine and Otic ganglia may play an important role in regulating npy release at the postganglionic fiber ends.

7.a relative parameters study of anatomic structure of temporal bone for Otic microsurgery; analysis of micro-neurosurgical treatment for cervical spondylOtic myelopathy

8.a biometrics method based on facial and Otic features

9.cleaning chronic otitis media with Otic endoscope iodophor rinse treatment of intrathoracic tuberculous pleural effusion

10.conclusion: it shows that using tarivid Otic solution in the operation can improve the outcome of the operation and has high security.

11.one experiment a post doc of mine did was he took these cells and injected them back in to the ear into the Otic vesicle at the stage where we think the cells are in development.

12.it extends posteriorly between the orbits and Otic capsules to the foramen magnum.

13.next they used specific growth factors to transform them into "Otic-progenitor" cells (Otic means ear).

14.other hypotheses for the spaces, such as an Otic sensory organ housing, have been tossed around with little support.

15.methods 31 keloid patients were enrolled in this study. n uclide~ ( 32) p application therapy was performed with improvement method in 11 Otic keloid patients.

16.in addition, we will learn how the connection between hair cells and Otic neurons is established.

17.conclusion: pipemidic acid Otic solution is highly effective, safe and practical in treating suppurative otitis media.

18.conclusion: ct is a main imaging diagnosing method to Otic neoplasms now and mri is a favorable means to complement it.

19.the relationship between cholinergic nerves on arteries of the base of the brain and sphenopalatine/ Otic ganglia in rabbits

20.however, papc alone is not sufficient to induce an ectopic Otic placode formation.

21.induction of the placode and its subsequent morphogenesis and differentiation into the inner ear epithelium and its sensory neurons, involves signaling interactions within and between Otic and non-Otic tissues.

22.note: warming an Otic product by holding the bottle in hand for1 – 2 min may minimize dizziness and pain on application; do not heat above body temperature.

23.clinic analysis of 16 cases of bullous myringitis treated by Otic endoscope assisted

24.until recently it was found that the inner ear is not an immune exempt organ though it is located within the Otic capsule and lacks lymphatic drainage.

25.methods 26 patients with external auditory canal cholesteatoma were treated under Otic endo-scope.

26.there is a characteristic principle during the development of the nos positive cells in pterygopalatine, Otic ganglion and the fibers innervating the cerebral vessels of rats.

27.pipemidic acid Otic solution in the treatment of suppurative otitis media

28.study on preparation of chloramphenicol Otic drop pills

29.the age changes of the expression of nitric oxide synthase ( nos) in pterygopalatine ganglion, Otic ganglion and the fibers innervating the cerebral vessels of rats

30.objective: to provide anatomic data for further understanding the role of nitric oxide ( no) and neuropeptide y ( npy) in the pterygopalatine and Otic ganglia.

31.methods: we measured the Otic situations of 200 children by self made t ruler. results: the results demonstrate no relationship between ear situation and sex, age or right, left ear.

32.Otic vesicle an epithelial sac behind the fifth rhombomere forming the semicircular canals dorsally and the otolith organs ventrally.

33.objective to explore into the feasibility and outcome of Otic endoscope in the treatment of external auditory canal cholesteatoma.

34.methods: lacerating the Otic vein of rabbit with bistoury and promptly pressing the wound with chitosan hemostatic sponge, gelatin sponge or gauze, respectively, the hemostatic effect was observed by uncovering each 30 seconds.

35.hplc analysis and stability study on ofloxacin Otic solution

36.ever since now, people has lived beside the lakes, hunting, fishing or doing a lot Otic stuff.

37.aging changes of nitric oxide synthase expression in basal artery and Otic ganglion of rat

38.clinical application of Otic endoscope in the treatment of external auditory canal cholesteatoma