Orthogonal Sentence Examples | Use Orthogonal in a sentence

1.the suitable technological conditions are determined by Orthogonal test, and the quality of product is evaluated.

2.the effects of operating condition of carbonization on structure and properties of carbon aerogels are investigated by Orthogonal experiment.

3.the effects of grinding parameters on surface roughness of marine propeller blade were studied by using Orthogonal test.

4.it is possible for a binding to have more than one associated attribute, as they tend to handle Orthogonal activities.

5.in this paper, the method of weighted residuals is used for analysing the symmetric Orthogonal laminated plates.

6.this matrix can be simplified by using the properties of Orthogonal vectors.

7.forming process and mechanism of cutting direction burr under Orthogonal cutting are simulated and analyzed;

8.Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) has turned out to be a popular multiple access scheme in wireless networks.

9.the amidation reaction between rapeseed oil and monoethanolamine was studied via Orthogonal experiment.

10.in this treatise, the authors present the general theory of Orthogonal polynomials on the complex plane and several of its applications.

11.Orthogonal experiments were used to find the optimal extraction process of andrographolide by microwave and ultrasonic assisted extraction.

12.the principle of multiple access communication is described, which is based on the Orthogonal wavelets in this paper.

13.through Orthogonal experiment, the effect of adsorption treatment on the quality of biodiesel was studied.

14.the Orthogonal design and d optimal design was applied to dtg position test.

15.the computer simulation design was integrated with Orthogonal and optimized design.

16.temperature and stress fields of multi-pass welding of Orthogonal nozzles were simulated.

17.this paper analyses a triple pole antenna using Orthogonal coordinate transform.

18.the procedure is only equivalent to the Orthogonal extension of the matrix and solution of a set of equations.

19.in order to optimize the structure parameters of the tower, the Orthogonal design method is used.

20.and on the basis of it, a neural network optimal design method based on Orthogonal experiment method is carried out.

21.the influencing degree of every factor was analyzed by using Orthogonal experimental method.

22.the basic principle and experimental method of Orthogonal polarization interferometry were described in this paper.

23.it has an Orthogonal, explicit, and minimalist design that makes code easy to understand and easy to predict.

24.the method of least-squares approximation accompanied by Orthogonal polynomials is one of these approximation methods.

25.design Orthogonal tests and study the extracting conditions of flavonoids in ligustrum lucidum ait by using water bath.

26.methods the prescription matrix was optimized by the means of Orthogonal design and its stability was investigated.

27.this paper describes the Orthogonal matrix canonical forms for matrices and the Orthogonal matrix decomposition form.

28.in Orthogonal test design, the table of l9 ( 34) was adopted.

29.any of the four areas into which a plane is divided by two Orthogonal coordinate axes.

30.construct an animation displaying a pair of Orthogonal tangents of a fixed cardioid.

31.so, this paper made Orthogonal corrosion test of multi-factor.

32.methods: Orthogonal design and analysis of variance were used.

33.methods the Orthogonal test was employed to test effects of four factors.

34.based on Orthogonal transform, a new method of tracking power grids frequency has been provided.

35.primary factors on cordyceps sinensis protoplast preparation and regeneration were discussed with the Orthogonal analysis in this paper.

36.the best reaction condition and formula were decided by Orthogonal experiment.

37.based on Orthogonal space-time block code, a scheme for constructing unitary space-time code is proposed.

38.introduced a design method about grinding process based on Orthogonal test for indeterminacy of the plane grinding process optimization.

39.the experiment and analysis presented that the optimization of cocoon cooking parameters by fuzzy Orthogonal design is feasible.