Ordinate Sentence Examples | Use Ordinate in a sentence

1.what this did was it established a super Ordinate goal, that is a goal that everybody shared, and perhaps more important a common enemy.

2.the americans have appointed a former nato commander, general joseph ralston, to help co-Ordinate such a task.

3.please put the number on the end Ordinate.

4.a dimension is an Ordinate of a multidimensional structure.

5.a trend in common, like an orbit in a co Ordinate, characterizes the productive forces development in the world.

6.the limit occurs when the Ordinate deviates appreciably from unity.

7.accordingly, britain and france started to co-Ordinate plans for a military invasion of egypt and a reoccupation of the canal zone.

8.the president's brother, adan, helps to co-Ordinate the company's subsidised oil sales around the caribbean as ambassador to cuba.

9.segmental filter and some algorithms of local Ordinate transform in ecg recognition

10.application of discrete Ordinate method for the radiation heat transfer calculation in a cylindrical shape furnace

11.the rate at which an Ordinate of a point of a line on a coOrdinate plane changes with respect to a change in the abscissa.

12.for a two-dimensional type map, both abscissa and Ordinate of the map are two unknown parameters of the linkage. a map is then composed of several regions that represent different types.

13.as emphasized by sirdeshmukh et al., value, a super Ordinate consumer goal, regulates consumer actions at the level of loyalty intention.

14.position in the development of display images, but also can change the location to display the location, can customize the abscissa and Ordinate values.

15.the basel club is now making a stab at this task as well as trying to co-Ordinate resolution schemes globally.

16.the main site factors of sample plots were also used to Ordinate and analyses.

17.r is the slope of the straight line and b its Ordinate at the origin.

18.discrete Ordinate method as one of determination method is widely used in the field of nuclear engineering.

19.how to determine the Ordinate of right square picture was investigated and the draw method of right square picture in the examination analysis was introduced.

20.the Ordinate scale is linear in decibels.

21.gain Ordinate of the current gap.

22.on the basis of the control volume method, the discrete Ordinate method ( dom) was used to solve the radiation heat transfer equation of the model.

23.phosphorus content in accordance with the abscissa, the Ordinate physiological parameters for growth curve for result analysis.

24.Ordinate can provide a benchmarking kit and further assistance to score users in establishing criterion scores.

25.meerkats rely heavily on vocal communication to co-Ordinate activities and keep track of any changes in their environment.

26.use to add a single horizontal Ordinate dimension. attach one endpoint to Ordinate origin and one to the feature.

27.other institutions and processes fared little better in trying to co- Ordinate.

28.application of discrete Ordinate s_n method to numerical simulation of neutron log

29.co-Ordinate with customer service adviser on up-to date service information and its application.

30.the change of the Ordinate reflects the density change of the contrast agent in the tissue, viz. the change in the aggregate amount of iodine, thus the change in tissue perfusion amount.

31.we, in this paper, first of all, transformed acceleration and force of special relativity, then further studied acceleration and force property under different inertial Ordinate system.

32.and text messaging has been used to co-Ordinate political protests in many countries.

33.drag onto the page, then drag one line end to Ordinate origin and one to the feature.

34.other institutions and processes fared little better in trying to co-Ordinate.

35.aims: to explore its curative effect to treat and restore vertical Ordinate and fold for rubbing postnatal teeth.

36.use a minimum of Ordinate and abscissa values so they do not run together.

37.workflows are a feature designed to build on the already strong language Ordinate programming features of f#.