Ordinary Sentence Examples | Use Ordinary in a sentence

1.i strongly suspect that most Ordinary people would agree with me

2.i class myself as an Ordinary working person

3.this word is seldom used on Ordinary occasions.

4.it may also appeal to the latent chauvinism of many Ordinary people.

5.how much can i overdraw from my personal Ordinary card?

6.the most important issue for most Ordinary people was nowhere on the proposed agenda.

7.i'm just a very Ordinary, boring normal guy

8.research on athletes and Ordinary human subjects has yielded a mixed bag of results

9.the children of such a pair were not likely to turn out quite Ordinary, commonplace beings; and they were not.

10.this is how Ordinary people feel about it.

11.harry's appeal stems from his role as a very Ordinary boy who finds himself in extraOrdinary situations.

12.this human rights act is enforceable in the Ordinary courts.

13.your life since then must have seemed very Ordinary.

14.these establishments are off limits to Ordinary citizens.

15.glass blocks are sometimes substituted for Ordinary bricks.

16.he has managed to crystallise the feelings of millions of Ordinary russians

17.judging by the Ordinary standards, he was reliable.

18.i've noticed nothing out of the Ordinary.

19.i am sustained by letters of support and what people say to me in Ordinary daily life

20.the needs and opinions of Ordinary working people were ignored

21.at first i thought he was rather Ordinary looking, a little chubby, not my type

22.it's been believed for centuries that great writers, composers and scientists are essentially quite different from Ordinary people

23.but on economic matters at least he, like mrs clinton, has begun to look a rather Ordinary old-style democrat.

24.the heroine of this drama is one of four senior law firm partners, they all out of the Ordinary skill and has been designed.

25.they wore Ordinary ties instead of the more formal high collar and cravat.

26.it was just an Ordinary weekend for us.

27.there is no comparison between the knowledge and skill of such a player and the Ordinary casual participant.

28.he was a person out of the Ordinary.

29.as the central bank has tightened monetary policy, this has made it harder for the bank to win the business of Ordinary savers.

30.the friction property of high, middle and low p alloying cast iron was compared with that of Ordinary cast iron.

31.the single most important factor that separates Ordinary photographs from good photographs is the lighting

32.mr. zhu: (through translator) one hundred years ago, he was the supreme ruler, and Ordinary people weren't even allowed to look at him.

33.his devout catholicism appeals to Ordinary people.

34.the Ordinary laws of chemistry permit a scientist to make calculations of their reactions as if the planet were a large flask of matter.

35.it's possible to weld stainless steel to Ordinary steel

36.these are just two Ordinary houses.

37.this poem fully expresses the author's love for the Ordinary people and hatred for the ruling class.

38.hang up the phone boy feels not right, was about to ask her, but received her message: we still do Ordinary friends, we are not suitable!

39.the boy's knowledge was out of the Ordinary