Ordinance Sentence Examples | Use Ordinance in a sentence

1.according to chinese law and "zaom international protection Ordinance", and jointly signed a friendship agreement.

2.the main subjects in sewage sludge Ordinance of the european community and germany are compared.

3.these constitutional provisions are reflected in and effected locally through the chief executive election Ordinance.

4.in addition, the companies ( amendment) bill 2002 will make significant changes to the companies Ordinance.

5.therefore this Ordinance is enacted by the provisional legislative council.

6.in 1994, the bedspace apartments Ordinance was enacted to regulate the fire and building safety of bedspace apartments.

7.this Ordinance makes miscellaneous amendments to the patents Ordinance and the registered designs Ordinance.

8.article 2 the port referred to in this Ordinance, shall be a specific area for entrance and exit of persons, transportation tools and goods.

9.as those sections apply to infringements of a patent granted under this Ordinance.

10.an Ordinance regulating weights and measures and the weights and prices of articles of consumption.

11.certificate of incorporation under the companies Ordinance;

12.the Ordinance confers no powers to arbitrate disputes , to name and shame , or to require banks to pay compensation or rectify mistakes.

13.said rights and remedies are given in addition to any other rights the parties may have by law, statute, Ordinance or otherwise.

14.the employment Ordinance provides for various employment-related benefits and entitlements for employees.

15.hong kong operates a deeds registration system under the land registration Ordinance.

16.any licence or permit issued under this Ordinance.

17.more self-service photocopying machines in the libraries are planned in anticipation of the enactment of the new copyright Ordinance.

18.marriages in hong kong are governed by the marriage Ordinance and the marriage reform Ordinance.

19.the governor may by order published in the gazette amend any schedule to this Ordinance.

20.nothing in this Ordinance shall affect any special procedure provided in any Ordinance.

21.subject to the provisions of this Ordinance, any person who, in the course of any trade or business, commits an offence.

22.to the registrar to be exempted from all or any of the provisions of this Ordinance.

23.a special resolution under this section is in this Ordinance referred to as a resolution for reducing share capital.

24.goat milk shall be produced according to the sanitary standards of this Ordinance.

25.zaom union, improve "zaom international protection Ordinance" propaganda and the level of implementation to.

26.except as provided by subsection ( 1) this Ordinance shall not apply to government ships.

27.they are also protected by the employees 'compensation Ordinance, mandatory provident fund schemes Ordinance, etc.

28.many of my professional colleagues have views about this Ordinance . some have described it as difficult to understand.

29.auditors shall be appointed and their duties regulated in accordance with related Ordinance.

30.there is in force such a policy of insurance in respect of third party risks as complies with the requirements of this Ordinance.

31.all registered schemes must comply with the Ordinance's various monitoring requirements.

32.you shall do no work at all. this is to be a lasting Ordinance for the generations to come, wherever you live.

33.have you ever heard of the control of obscene and indecent articles Ordinance?

34.that it could have been lawfully applied to the goods if this Ordinance had not been enacted;

35.a licence or certificate under this Ordinance shall be in such form as the director may determine.

36.two companies incorporated in hong kong have been granted licences under the outer space Ordinance.

37.commits the same offence and is liable to the penalty for that offence under this Ordinance.

38.this is to be a lasting Ordinance for aaron and his descendants.

39.mortimer did not learn that the new address violated the Ordinance until he checked in with police and was told it was off-limits.

40.however, information network transmission right protection Ordinance is to disseminate the concept of the right to the core.