Orderlies Sentence Examples | Use Orderlies in a sentence

1.his Orderlies were instructed not to disturb him while he relaxed and intuited decisions.

2.regiment commanders might have little devils (boys who run away from home to join the army) as Orderlies .

3.while the medical Orderlies hurry by, and the echoes of the blast die away, he sets to work with efficient hands.

4.as we arrived, we were grabbed by Orderlies and rushed into emergency rooms to see people on gurney s.

5.one of the Orderlies, levy was shuffling the cards. so as to prevent cheating, he was asked to reshuffle the cards.

6.the Orderlies and nurses wheeled the gurney against my hospital bed, then started to move me. that was when i became half-awake.

7.it took like three Orderlies to get him in a straight jacket.

8.schwaegermann assured him he could and sent two Orderlies to procure the gasoline.

9.he takes the cup, swallows the pills and opens his mouth so the Orderlies can confirm the pills are gone.

10.in a hospital the nursing staff is usually quite large . there are professional nurses, practical nurses , nurse's aides, and Orderlies.

11.it was originally called lascarrow, built by early indian Orderlies quarters, which were known as "cat street" , was divided into two.

12.a small crowd of nursing staff, Orderlies and onlookers clustered round the bed in the treatment room where she had been taken after collapsing on the grass outside.

13.one of his duties was to train medical Orderlies as suicide bombers.

14.two Orderlies came out to the cab as soon as we pulled up.

15.the doctor, the prince's valet, and coachman , and two Orderlies were in charge of them.

16.when the Orderlies walk away, michael removes the pills from his mouth and throws them away.

17.with hundreds of nurses, doctors and Orderlies racing around, mistakes happen.

18.strengthen the political moral construction of the state Orderlies, especially the leading cadres who should be the good examples of abiding by the socialist laws and exercising the socialist morals, the promoters and exercisers of managing state affairs by law and morals;

19.the first people she paid were the hospital nurses and Orderlies so they would clean her husband's body and treat it with respect when they moved it to a freezer cupboard in the morgue.