Ordering Sentence Examples | Use Ordering in a sentence

1.the company has slowly seen the light of additional sales mechanisms and has apparently now made complete online Ordering a possibility.

2.jovial ladies chivvy you into Ordering more than you can eat!

3.meanwhile, sandra seems to be Ordering the e-mail correctly, but has one massive folder with all her sent e-mail.

4.investigations on the Ordering and atom clustering in aged binary al-li alloy have been carried out by computer simulation.

5.i'm Ordering you to contain the situation.

6.he was accused of Ordering his victims to be dissolved in barrels of acid by his henchman, known as "the soup-maker" .

7.this is the default Ordering relationship.

8.his big brother is always Ordering him about.

9.if he'd said a "load of crap" or something similar i'd have had an excuse for Ordering him from my office.

10.after Ordering, use your back arrow key to return to this point.

11.Ordering a cup of tea, i struck up a conversation with the manager.

12.when we're out he gets really bossy and starts Ordering me around

13.see using a context id and rule Ordering.

14.a difference between the physical and logical Ordering of index data that can occur when data modifications are made.

15.the customer is having Ordering difficulties, who should they contact?

16.the president was absolutely right in Ordering the bombing raid.

17.xml has the concept of unordered mapping for element attributes, but strict Ordering for nested elements.

18.boulder lived up to its reputation as a foodie town, Ordering the most in amazon's cooking, food & wine category.

19.the last or lowest in an Ordering or series.

20.she avoided the issue by Ordering a turkey sandwich

21.thus, some countries are going all out in preparations, and Ordering mandatory vaccinations, while others are doing the least possible.

22.surely there is some way of Ordering our busy lives so that we can live in comfort and find spiritual harmony too.

23.in view of this, the problem of inventory level and Ordering policy of distribution system is analyzed.

24.and i am Ordering you to go back to work.

25.this talk addresses a linear Ordering of regions based on a new understanding of the placement.

26.the king took a fancy to Ordering disguises and masks.

27.i'm tired of him Ordering me about all the time.

28.now, the state council is trying to rein in an overheating solar sector by Ordering plant closures.

29.Ordering your coffee should've been a simple task, but it probably required at least four decisions.

30.thanks to you Ordering me to do squats all day long.

31.an american telephone Ordering system of baker and taylor.

32.in july he issued a decree Ordering all unofficial armed groups in the country to disband

33.i call this aspect of Ordering schema order, which can either be ordered or unordered.

34.hence, last, first, before, and after do not affect the Ordering of attributes.

35.don't be afraid to ask for advice about Ordering the meal

36.how often should you order, and how much, to minimize the total of your Ordering and storage costs?

37.Ordering specifies member sorting. uniqueness specifies how unique the level keys and names are.

38.Ordering something that will reheat easily will provide you with a delicious lunch or dinner the next day.

39.Ordering specifies the sequence to use for Ordering the members of a level.