Ordeal Sentence Examples | Use Ordeal in a sentence

1.mrs kerr was too upset to take part in a reconstruction of her Ordeal.

2.then that's too bad, because i'm never going to put myself through that Ordeal? again.

3.i just don't know why i have to undergo this Ordeal.

4.he kept his nerve throughout the Ordeal.

5.last night he relived his terrifying Ordeal.

6.she kept her cool and managed to get herself out of the Ordeal

7.mv was burned to see the results of the house, just a symbol, a symbol of two people are in a lie and hurt in the Ordeal.

8.santiago relies upon no one and nothing but himself to control the discomfort and pain that occur during his lonely Ordeal.

9.fortunately, my wife was safe and sound after her Ordeal.

10.chinese reporter at the scene said the men appeared to be all in fairly good condition after their Ordeal.

11.the hostages went through a dreadful Ordeal.

12.she wouldn't want to put them through the Ordeal of a huge ceremony

13.being lost in the wilderness for a week was an Ordeal for me.

14."i wish we could trade places, " i said, knowing how much he dreaded the coming Ordeal.

15.she talked composedly to reporters about her terrible Ordeal.

16.i do not think any of us spared a thought for the Ordeal of her crew.

17.they had both endured the same Ordeal, but their different attitudes determined the nature of their lives.

18.winston churchill: "i am ready to meet my maker. whether my maker is prepared for the great Ordeal of meeting me is another matter. "

19.they were so tired from their Ordeal, we put them in the reactor.

20.he spoke frankly about the Ordeal.

21.and it was a harrowing Ordeal for this week-old puppy.

22.the wait was an Ordeal for him.

23.thank god she had been spared the Ordeal of surgery.

24.mona remains unshaken by her Ordeal and is matter-of-fact about her courage.

25.mother had been courageous, it seemed to me, through the Ordeal of the flood.

26.you had survived a terrible Ordeal.

27.the former hostage is in remarkably good shape considering his Ordeal.

28.their hope helped those people to carry through this last Ordeal.

29.in the end, this Ordeal eased my guilt about leaving my son's side at times.

30.the parents went through a terrible Ordeal when their child was kidnapped.

31.she described her agonising Ordeal.

32.the experience was a detestable Ordeal, and it cured him of any ambitions to direct again

33.because a state may dispense with a jury trial, it does not follow that it may substitute trial by Ordeal.

34.stopping only briefly to regain her composure, she described her agonising Ordeal.

35.i have so much love for daryl, my amazing wife of twenty-six years, as she stood by me through such a frightening Ordeal.

36.throughout her dreadful Ordeal, she behaved with great dignity.

37.while the transition to lvm is a bit of an Ordeal , once the transition is complete , managing filesystems becomes tremendously easier .

38.gracie, as the horse is called, was left with a dislocated jaw and a few cuts and scrapes from her Ordeal.

39.seated beside him, i bore the Ordeal for two hours.