Orchitis Sentence Examples | Use Orchitis in a sentence

1.murine autoimmune Orchitis: ⅰ. a model of passive transfer by sperm-specific t lymphoblast

2.prostatitis, hypertrophy of the prostate, Orchitis, premature ejaculation, impotent.

3.the study suggests that aspermatogenic antigens which induce experimental allergic Orchitis may be localized on the acrosomal apparatus.

4.results: of 11 cases with testicle torsion of children. 9 cases were made definite diagnosis with cdfi, 2 cases were misdiagnosed with Orchitis and epididymis contusion respectively.

5.effect of immunological Orchitis on sperm specific enzyme and fertility

6.Orchitis: inflammation and swelling of the testes, caused by infection (most often mumps) or chemical or physical injury.

7.Orchitis, seminal vesiculitis and epididymitis in bulls (reproductive tract)

8.objective to promote the understanding of s evere epididymal Orchitis causing funicular blood circulation disorder.

9.acute Orchitis or a mass in testis usually evokes a neoplasm, a torsion or infectious disease for the clinician.

10.objective and significance Orchitis is a common nonspecific infection of the male reproductive system, it can affect the sperm count and quality, and can cause infertility in severe cases.

11.clinical features mainly are pregnant female abortion, infertility, Orchitis, liver and spleen enlargement.

12.[ methods] the models of experimental autoimmune Orchitis were established and analyzed: 42 balb/ c mice were divided into 6 experimental groups and 1 control group randomly.

13.Orchitis has been reported occasionally in the late phase of disease (day 15).

14.epididymitis and Orchitis are more common in adults than in children and adolescents.

15.objective to diagnose epididymitis, epididymo Orchitis and chronic epididymitis with color doppler.

16.objective to diagnose epididymitis , epididymo Orchitis and chronic epididymitis with color doppler.

17.establishment of an undifferential Orchitis model in rats and changes of spermatogenic epithelium

18.Orchitis was often complicated in the patients with long history.

19.expression and role of oncogene c-kit mrna in development of experimental autoimmune Orchitis

20.objective to investigate the diagnostic value of color doppler flow imaging(cdfi)in acute Orchitis and epididymitis .

21.the most common reason for this is probably childhood infection with the mumps virus, which produces a patchy Orchitis.

22.methods guinea pig animal model of experimental allergic Orchitis ( eao) was created by active immunity to observe the qualitative changes of spermatogenic cells in testes and sperm in cauda epididymis.

23.brucellae cause Orchitis and epididymitis in infected male animals and abortion, miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth in pregnant animals, which is one of most important reason causing huge economic loss in animal husbandry.

24.some patients or have chronic prostatitis history, Orchitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, etc.

25.lipopolysaccharide ( lps), which also called endotoxin, is the main component of gram-negative bacteria cell wall, and also is the important medium which can cause inflammation of testis cells when Orchitis occurs., intraperitoneal injection can build the Orchitis model in rats.

26.animal model of experimental autoimmunity Orchitis in balb/ c mice

27.conclusion sars caused Orchitis.

28.conclusion cdus cannot only differentiate testicular torsion from acute inflammation can also differentiate testicular tumor from focal Orchitis, simultaneously, it is helpful to assess the severity and prognosis of scrotal trauma so that it should be the optimal means of diagnosing acute scrotal swelling and pain.

29.diagnostic color doppler us in epididymitis and epididymo-Orchitis

30.results among them, acute Orchitis were found in eight cases, seventeen patients were testicle mass, eleven hematomata of testicle, three cases wrenching of testicle and two cysts of testicle.

31.results fifteen cases were diagnosed with color doppler flow image correctly. one case was proved to be Orchitis in operation.