Orchidaceous Sentence Examples | Use Orchidaceous in a sentence

1.chromosome techniques and molecular marker techniques have been demonstrated to be powerful techniques for the study of the estimation of resources. there are a few reports about the study of genomic analysis and genetic diversities of Orchidaceous plants.

2.new records and recognition of wild Orchidaceous plants in beijing

3.a survey on the study of pollination biology of Orchidaceous plants

4.orchid mycorrhizal fungi, which offer nutrition for orchids and promote its growth, can form symbionts with Orchidaceous seed, corm and nutritional root.

5.the wild Orchidaceous plants were mostly distributing under sidehill trees, beside hollow rivulet or on trees at 400~ 1300 meters altitudes of north coteau of in the area.

6.there are 17 genera 22 species of wild Orchidaceous plants in beijing, including 12 species for enjoyment. but they haven't been tapped and utilized.

7.by field investigations and textual research, there are 23 genera 41 species of wild Orchidaceous plants in the chaozhou_shantou region.

8.utilization and protection of Orchidaceous medical plants resources in jiangxi province

9.the protection and utility of wild Orchidaceous plants for enjoyment in beijing

10.nearly all our Orchidaceous plants absolutely require the visits of insects to remove their pollen-masses and thus to fertilise them.