Orc Sentence Examples | Use Orc in a sentence

1.if you encounter a few Orc's in the game, they will flee from your might.

2.when will you release the next chapter of the bonus Orc campaign?

3.reinfOrced Orc burrow-upgraded version of the Orc burrow with greater hit points and greater defenses.

4.Orc warlords raise initiative of all friendly creatures by one.

5.it's a safe bet that the half-Orc broke out of prison with him, too.

6.many of the Orc tribes were wiped out during that war, including his own.

7.the old ways became traditions for a reason, kettara. they were at the core of Orc society until your people decided to embrace change.

8.an Orca true Orc warrior-wishes for one thing: to die in the glory of battle against a hated enemy.

9.races allowed to become hunters are the night elf, dwarf, Orc, tauren, and troll races.

10.what advice would you give to players to help them develop their Orc heroes better?

11.q: what do you call an Orc advertising for a toilet paper commercial?

12.it may draw to the chief executive's attention any aspect of the work of the operations department or any problem encountered by the Orc.

13.inner fire can be an alternative to Orc shaman bloodlust and especially useful in team games.

14.the old Orc had a look of peace and fulfillment upon his gnarled face.

15.well i played an Orc warlock just to get a different view and asked where the quest was to get the Orc's pet. i was told this was not in the game yet, and that's my point.

16.you didn't think we would have Orc riders without giant wolves did you?

17.he caught sight of an enormous Orc, dressed in a full suit of black plate armor.

18.let us hunt some Orc.

19.the difficulty level is all right and thanks to the save and autosave slots, you can keep returning until you defeat that pesky Orc.

20.wind wrap about him like a cloak. the Orc laughed, the skull floating over his face issuing its own.

21.spike pulls out his sword and tells the Orc that the elves are under his protection, like, way to be arrogant there.

22.the items are scattered throughout all three of the acts in the Orc campaign.

23.confirms that Orc shaman will sacrifice goblins to regain mana.

24.sounds like Orc mischief to me!

25.q: what's the difference between an Orc pawn and a ranger?

26.rehgar has brought in what looks like a twenty-foot Orc to test his team.

27.look, here's where we stand. our scouts have confirmed that there is an Orc encampment hidden somewhere over the next ridge.

28.mokka was enraged by this ignominy and vowed to father sky that no Orc would wear chains while she had breath in her lungs.

29.i was a paladin in alliance, now i'm a Orc shaman.

30.and don't forget to look in their weirdly deep Orc butts.

31.since the death of kunyak, the Orc nation has lost its unity and is now divided into countless small tribes scattered on the pao islands.

32.Orc warlock: the legion has sent the dead to test us! victory to the blackrock clan!

33.the first time the Orc put his hands up like a megaphone and said, "my life for the horde" , and the second time something else.

34.half-Orcs are a cross between a human and an Orc.

35.now our newbie Orc and night elf are engaged in mortal combat.

36.brute: kunyak! great warrior! Orc son rule world! wooooaahh!

37.my men tell me that you are Orc spies.

38.that newbie Orc can't even hit the druid.

39.in the struggle the policeman received a wound in the right arm and lost his grip on the criminal. now our newbie Orc and night elf are engaged in mortal combat.

40.how does the storyline for the Orc campaign tie into world of warcraft?