Orbit Sentence Examples | Use Orbit in a sentence

1.china has also put astronauts into earth Orbit and conducted spacewalks.

2.our team has gone into Orbit.

3.the release of the map marks a new phase of the mission for the spacecraft, which will now Orbit the sun's innermost planet for a year.

4.let us test kepler's third law for the Orbit of uranus compared with that of earth.

5.john was afraid his father would go into Orbit when he found out about the car accident.

6.yet bigger satellites will be sent up into Orbit

7.they are in exactly the same Orbit, but different satellites.

8.astronauts will make a final attempt today to rescue a communications satellite from its useless Orbit

9.the satellite is now in Orbit.

10.the war is a gigantic cosmic drama, embracing every quarter of the globe and the whole Orbit of man's life.

11.we have already worked out the conditions for a circular Orbit.

12.company officials say it will be able to transport satellites or spacecraft weighing up to fifty-three metric tons into Orbit.

13.ground controllers will then fire the booster, sending the satellite into its proper Orbit.

14.the planet is probably in Orbit around a small star.

15.the gas methane has been found both by spacecraft in Orbit and by telescopes from earth.

16.total eclipses occur about twice a year as the moon passes between the earth and the sun on the same plane as earth's Orbit.

17.they put a weather satellite into Orbit about the earth.

18.most asteroids can be found in an asteroid belt between marsand jupiter were they Orbit the sun.

19.he instead argued, and proved through research, that the sun was the center of our galaxy, and earth just another planet in its Orbit.

20.as another example the center of mass of the earth and moon moves in an approximately circular Orbit around the sun.

21.most satellites handle this problem by being blasted into Orbit around the planet.

22.the Orbit of this comet intersects the Orbit of the earth

23.when the boosters have helped to lift a space station into Orbit, they separate from it and return to the earth.

24."you'd have to position the craft as close to the sun as you can, probably within the Orbit of mercury, " matloff says.

25.all the planets Orbit the sun in roughly the same plane, round its equator.

26.the satellite was launched into Orbit around the moon.

27.this is india's first space mission beyond the earth's Orbit.

28.we can draw the earth's Orbit round the sun.

29.the space shuttle will Orbit a weather satellite.

30.the photos of the surveillance satellite would be added, creating in-Orbit pictures of the enemy being destroyed by the landing party.

31.its Orbit would be thousands of times further from the sun than the earth's, which could explain why it was previously undiscovered.

32.first, we know that the planets all Orbit close to the earth's Orbital plane, the ecliptic.

33.mars and earth have Orbits which change with time

34.the astronauts will attach a motor that will boost the satellite into its proper Orbit

35.about every two years, however, the earth passes mars as they Orbit around the sun.

36.each planet traces an Orbit around the sun as if no other planets were present.

37.communications satellites, for example, have a geostationary Orbit.

38.an approach for spacecraft autonomous rendezvous in an elliptical Orbit without Orbit information is developed.

39.an autonomous satellite attitude and Orbit determination system based on the stellar refraction measurement is described.

40.in the late 1970s laos fell within the Orbit of vietnam and the soviet union.