Option Sentence Examples | Use Option in a sentence

1.the real existence of a military Option will come into play

2.he made a huge profit from the sale of shares purchased in january under the company's stock Option program.

3.it is essential to build up the military Option and show that this is not a bluff

4.the job of chairman can no longer be regarded as a convenient soft Option.

5.i felt as though i should mention it as an Option.

6.i am keeping my Options open. i have not made a decision on either matter.

7.weighing on the front end of the market were fears of large deliveries as high freight rates make delivery of soybeans an attractive Option.

8.it is thought that a management buyout is one Option.

9.and having that Option on the bench is good news for us at a time when carlos vela seems to have been completely frozen out by the manager.

10.he was left with no Option but to resign.

11.it is not an unattractive Option to make programmes for other companies.

12.we take the soft Option. i like to keep the crowd happy because that's what they pay for

13.but be warned: this is not a cheap Option.

14.only a handful of firms offer share Option schemes to all their employees.

15.i would unhesitatingly choose the latter Option

16.several Options are offered for the student's senior year.

17.that Option is not very palatable.

18."you will not change them" - referring to men as though your only Option is accepting your fate as an egyptian girl in a backward society.

19.we should not yet abandon this Option for the disposal of highly radioactive waste.

20.he's argued from the start that america and its allies are putting too much emphasis on the military Option

21.we had no Option but to abandon the meeting.

22.click this Option to right-justify the selected text.

23.you said an Option knock him down. fellows, you want your woman to be happy? all you got to say is: how was your day? how was your day?

24.he has talked himself into a position where he will have no Option but to go.

25.a rather neat Option allows you to design your own fiendish puzzle.

26.if the client has no dns entry, this Option should specify the name you want to be contained in the local host file of the lpar.

27.what other Options do you have?

28.the number of oil Option contracts betting on oil hitting $200 a barrel in december have tripled since the beginning of the year.

29.this Option lets you create new files or directories.

30.the menu changes weekly and usually includes a vegan Option

31.each bank has granted the other an Option on 19.9% of its shares.

32.professor berube says another Option might be to have private maritime security companies eventually take over the mission.

33.by then governments may have woken up to a yet more radical Option

34.i had no Option but to pretend ignorance.

35."i try to show them that selling drugs is not the only Option, " he said.

36.co-operation was more than just an attractive Option, it was an obligation

37.tcpmon is a popular tool for monitoring web service message exchanges, so having this as an Option in your client code is often useful.

38.criminals are given the Option of going to jail or facing public humiliation

39.daphne was so guileless that claire had no Option but to believe her.

40.in a few years though, brooks could be nice bench Option for some scoring and three-pointers at the point guard position.