Optic Sentence Examples | Use Optic in a sentence

1.a device that connects different transmission media; for example, from twisted pair to fiber Optic.

2.the company said the payload included the picosar active electronically scanned array radar and an electro Optic sensor.

3.study on the distributed fiber Optic sensing and locating technology for security system

4.interferometric fiber Optic sensor is an important category of fiber-Optic sensor because of its high sensitivity.

5.Optic fiber grating sensor demodulation using over coupled coupler experiment is carried on and good response is obtained.

6.summarize test of fiber Optic communication finally.

7.so how much surface deviation can we tolerate before our Optic is no longer diffraction limited?

8.company specialized production fiber Optic transmission network series product: if Optical fiber switchboard;

9.we have done some preliminary application researches in fields of acoustic and Optic for diamond.

10.the development and application of fiber Optic acceleration sensor system

11.the experimental results of three-component all polarization-maintaining fiber Optic accelerometer are presented.

12.it is a synthesis of Optic, electronic and computer techniques.

13.a kind of fiber Optic oxygen sensor based on fluorescence quenching has been studied.

14.the study enriched the pathogenesis research of diabetes Optic neuropathy.

15.the dark pulses also transmit through certain fiber Optic cables faster and with less noise than light pulses.

16.it will influence fiber Optic technique and system greatly.

17.the main component of the communications system is a fail safe fiber Optic backbone known as an otn (open transport network).

18.the distributed array system based on various multiplexing technology is the current trend of research on Optic fiber hydrophone.

19.i have a16 month old with Optic nerve hypoplasia.

20.the reason for this is that the Optic nerve is a part of the brain.

21.other signs include bleeding of the retina and swelling of the Optic nerve.

22.the Optic system raises inevitably the question of perspective and, therefore, the question of the visible and the invisible.

23.fiber Optic lines and communications satellites.

24.four Optic fibers of different lengths have been used in this experiment.

25.it is most important to use the drill bit that comes with the fiber Optic catheter.

26.furthermore, the fiber Optic system was applied in temperature calibration and measurement, also good results were gotten.

27.at your retina and your Optic nerve.

28.the Optic fiber sensor receives extensive application because of a series of unique technology superiority of it.

29.a closed loop fiber Optic gyroscope ( fog) system with hybrid structure is proposed and developed.

30.the study results provide an important evidence of design and application of fiber Optic tapers.

31.a solution to the problem of dry band arcing on adss fiber Optic cables is described.

32.it would take the phone companies several years and a sizable investment to put the required fiber Optic networks in place.

33.apparently, the judge concluded that sanders was just a fiber-Optic cable salesman who'd gone astray.

34.calculating diffraction of light correctly is a most important content in the research of Optic information processing.

35.Optic nerve and retina are parts of central nervous system.

36.but only a diameter of less than half a millimeter of fiber Optic cable to be made of thick copper wire cable than carry more information.

37.the Optic nerve's been severed.

38.real-time data acquisition is possible with either conventional electronic or emerging photonic ( fiber Optic) instrumentation.

39.abstract: in this paper recent progress in fiber Optic cables is reviewed.

40.a communication system using fiber Optic cables.