One-sided Sentence Examples | Use One-sided in a sentence the final analysis, wrong and One-sided thinking is caused by the separation of subjective thinking from objective reality. has been emphasized that international trade should not be One-sided. could call it a One-sided engagement.

4.their boss made a One-sided judgement. ive realized that my estimate of her character was One-sided.

6.if news media people had an ounce of integrity, they would not report such a One-sided story from the local government.

7.the investigation on the existing risk assessment methods showed that two-dimensional risk assessment model was One-sided and inadequate.

8.admittedly, both sides are reasonable. but they are One-sided.

9.therefore, if the One-sided pursuit of its technology, which will result in duplicate construction.

10.the negotiating was completely One-sided's too biased. i just don't agree with their One-sided reporting.

12.try to avoid being subjective and One-sided when looking at problems.

13.all these principles and policies of mutual assistance are positive, not negative or One-sided.

14.often the author will have an axe to grind, leading to a One-sided commentary on issues and debates.

15.the metaphysical world outlook sees things as isolated, static and One-sided.

16.some people use the word ironic One-sided me, then i told him, you were wrong.

17.fujii said the yen's relentless rise was "One-sided" and "harmful" to the economy.

18.they accused us of being One-sided.

19.both approaches to the problem are subjective and One-sided, or, in a word, unscientific.

20.with a crowded, largely One-sided trade like this, any wrench in the rationale to invest in emerging markets could this trade fast. would not know suju in pain after bright and hard work, so please do not use One-sided language to comment, thank you.

22.there has been a very One-sided account of her problems with ted.

23.any view that neglects the four cardinal principles is One-sided.

24.i just don't agree with their One-sided reporting.

25.this is a One-sided charm, back is hollowed out.

26.most historians have had their own alexander, and a view of him which is One-sided is bound to have missed the truth.

27.the game was not as One-sided as we had supposed. takes two to tango and so far our relationship has been One-sided.

29.damningly One-sided though the game was, one could not help but feel privileged to see something wonderful gain its reward.

30.the class theory causes One-sided absolutism of social benefit analysis, and also causes the law to nihilism to spread. it negates the law's regularity and objection.

31.on these issues, he was subjective and One-sided.

32.i fell in One-sided love with him. careful to avoid being subjective and One-sided. the appraisal of our work, it is One-sided to affirm everything or to negate everything.

35.japanese finance minister yoshihiko noda called an evening news conference in which he said that the yen's sharp rise was 'One-sided. '

36.he is now free to put a One-sided story to the court of libyan public opinion, instead of having his case tested in a scottish court.

37.these two ideas are single and One-sided, not "i" a book on the origin of universe.

38.muster needed just 72 minutes to win the One-sided match, 6-2, 6-3.

39.sometimes people can't help having One-sided views.

40.One-sided conversations make it more difficult for the brain to make these predictions, so listening is more distracting, she said.