One-hand Sentence Examples | Use One-hand in a sentence

1.the teaching of technology of jump One-hand above-shoulder shot and methods to correct easily-made mistakes

2.some One-hand spell power weapons are now main hand only.

3.measurements are fast and easy with One-hand operation, an easy-to-use backlit display, automatic push-button calibration, and a weighted, quick-sinking probe.

4.One-hand jump-twits shot once i saw a little bird go hop, hop, hop;

5.analysis on teaching methods of One-hand over shoulder shoot

6.your One-hand backhand, can you teach it to me?

7.two-dimensional titchener illusion pictures were used to examine the phenomena of the dissociation between perception and action in One-hand grasping and two-hand grasping situations.

8.most main-hand weapons are now One-hand weapons.

9.conditional branch One-hand jump-twist shot

10.the One-hand over shoulder shoot is the most essential technical movement of shooting. it occupies quite great proportion in the basic technique teaching and training. so there are important meanings in the teaching methods of the basic shooting technical movement analysis and research.

11.the existence of the administrative discretion, on the One-hand, adapted to the need for food safety regulation in modern society, on the other hand, the abuse of the discretion of the administrative penalty of food will bring serious negative effect. was found that the actions of the left hand and right hand appeared dissociated with perception though they were all influenced by illusion to some extent in One-hand situation.

13.there i was lying on my back, on the stairs, with a feeble One-hand grip keeping me from sliding all the way down. to improve the percentage of One-hand shots