Omnivorous Sentence Examples | Use Omnivorous in a sentence

1.moore's Omnivorous poems claim for poetry all the subjects that she mentions here and indeed many, many more.

2.the results show they are Omnivorous. is Omnivorous large amount of propagation and have a good adaptability, they can damages plans for a long time and can spread throw many ways.

4.pigs are Omnivorous animals found throughout africa, europe and asia.

5.the change from a vegetarian to an Omnivorous diet.

6.mao was an accomplished scholar of classical chinese, an Omnivorous reader, a deep student of philosophy and history.

7.the results show that they are crustacea of Omnivorous.

8.twi'leks are Omnivorous, eating cultivated molds and fungi, as well as meat from bovine animals called recruits.

9.they have an excellent sense of hearing, are Omnivorous and feed on fruits, berries, flowers, nuts and insects.

10.most species are Omnivorous, and are able to locate food resources that include both plant and animal matter. has a wide host range, so it is a typical of Omnivorous insects. food are Omnivorous, love fish and lean lean, if throw a fruit or vegetables to it, like a sniff sniff it only then went away.

13.massive plantigrade carnivorous or Omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws.

14.human beings are Omnivorous animals, but vegetables and fruits do not contain all the nutrition we should take to live a healthy life.

15.compared with Omnivorous pheasants, insectivorous birds and raptorial birds koklass's digestive system is similar to the typical phytophagous birds.

16.brown bears are Omnivorous, eating anything that they can get their paws on.

17.they are stout-bodied short-legged Omnivorous animals.

18.some animals, including human beings, are Omnivorous and eat both meat and vegetables; others are either carnivorous or herbivorous. first, around 230 million years ago, most of these creatures were Omnivorous and small, about the size of a tricycle. be Omnivorous is one pole of true love; to be exclusive is the other.

21.the sub-communities of Omnivorous arthropods in cotton field were more similar with those in wheat field and in wild vegetation at the margin of cotton field, than that in alfalfa field. 2.

22.Omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to north and central america. sports fans are social creatures, our best busy bodies.

23.slow-moving Omnivorous nocturnal primates of tropical asia; usually tailless. a child, coleridge developed Omnivorous reading habits. has been referred to as " Omnivorous " by critics, and possesses a more eclectic repertoire than is typical for classical musicians. inquiring, Omnivorous mind.

27.vegan women are no more likely to experience anemia than Omnivorous women during pregnancy.

28.the appearance of hydrophyte and miscellaneous fishes is the highest, accounting for 68%; the others account for 40%, 20%, 12%, and 4% respectively. the crab is an Omnivorous animal.

29.she has always been an Omnivorous reader. is an Omnivorous animal. can affect the water ecosystem by grazing and nutrient excretion, and Omnivorous fish may feed in different habitats and thus can change coupling between habitats.

32.human beings are Omnivorous animals , but vegetables and fruits do not contain all the nutrition we should take to live a healthy life .

33.human teeth are Omnivorous in design, yet more closely resemble primate teeth whose possessors live largely on fruit and plants. theory is that theropods developed an Omnivorous diet to help them exploit new habitats as the continents broke up.

35.the present study was to investigate the nutritional function of dietary carbohydrate for fish with different food habits and to compare the difference in mechanism of carbohydrate utilization and metabolism between Omnivorous fish and carnivorous fish.

36.its Omnivorous approach to trying to match the potential threats to windows, in everything from search and e-mail to video games, has stretched it very wide.

37.raccoon-like Omnivorous mammal of mexico and the southwestern united states having a long bushy tail with black and white rings.

38.the fish is an Omnivorous fish, the diet consists mainly of aquatic insect lavra.

39.sclerotinia sclerotiorum ( lib) de bary-a filamentous ascomycete fungus with a wide host range and geographical distribution, which is one of the most non-specific, Omnivorous and successful plant pathogens.