Oculus Sentence Examples | Use Oculus in a sentence

1.and even if magic leap or Oculus does create a compelling new computing platform, the next challenge will be convincing media and tech companies to create lots of content to keep users entertained.

2.just seven months ago, facebook stunned silicon valley with the$ 2 billion acquisition of Oculus, a virtual reality company.

3.use the Oculus of the exorcist, talk to guard mitchells and kill him.

4.a video see-through hmd based on Oculus rift was designed.

5.tan says razer wants to give game hardware and software companies the ability to develop products that will work seamlessly across Oculus, sony, samsung, and other virtual-reality devices.

6.a central ring creates an ovular Oculus which is the center-point of the space.

7.sony has been experimenting with virtual reality technology for years, long before Oculus founder palmer luckey put together his first rift prototype.

8.Oculus - pentacam and supersonic survey cornea thickness comparison

9.the brow fat pad lies directly posterior to the eyebrow skin and orbicularis Oculus muscle and aids in smooth gliding of the eyebrow with animation.

10.but facebook has big plans for Oculus that include video games, movies, and virtual doctor appointments.

11.eyesight and colour was recently linked to how we perceive the world by michael abrash, chief scientist from facebook-owned virtual reality ( vr) experts Oculus.

12.stopping just long enough on the 26- foot- diameter Oculus of the pantheon to catch our breath .

13.heat injuries of the Oculus

14.luckey co-founded Oculus vr with ceo brendan iribe, ex-chief product officer of the cloud-streaming company gaikai, not long after e3 to develop the hardware and software further.

15.the sun's rays through the Oculus, the graduated shadows on the gnomon, this is what makes saint-sulpice unique.

16.a secondary cover can be placed over the Oculus for full enclosure in case of rain or poor weather.

17.clairvoyant (10 points) : use the Oculus (single player campaign).

18.facebook announced they're acquiring Oculus rift, a virtual reality platform, for$ 2 billion.

19.methods adopt fresh amnion transplantation for 26 patient's 26 Oculus of keratohelcosis, bacterial keratohelcosis 16 cases, keratohelcosis mycotica 6 Oculus, viral keratohelcosis 3 Oculus, chemical burn keratohelcosis 1 Oculus.

20.the height to the Oculus and the diameter of the interior circle are the same, 43. 3 meters (142 ft).

21.over the pantheon and the 26-foot-diameter Oculus. she parks her dirigible, lowers the anchor-rope and climbs down for a closer look inside.

22.methods internal linking porous hydroxyapatite was wrapped up in the place of orbital collapse, autogenous or heterogenous scleral shell and implanted in Oculus musculi cone.

23.if enjoying Oculus in its youth, we suggest decanting prior to serving.