Octene Sentence Examples | Use Octene in a sentence

1.influences of the temperature, Octene content and carbon black reinforcer on rheology behavior of polyolefin elastomers ( poes) produced using metallocene catalyst were investigated.

2.effect of compatibilizer on the crystallization of recycled poly ( ethylene terephthalate)/ poly ( ethylene Octene) blends

3.the cu modified ts-1 will enhance the selectivity of thiophene in model gasoline containing Octene too. the cu modified catalyst performs better than the ag modified one.

4.while the conversion of α-Octene was 81.7%, and the yield of octane was 43.4% by single metal catalyst.

5.the zn modified catalyst has not improve the selectivity of catalyst for thiophene in model gasoline containing Octene.

6.new achievements and development trend on ethylene selective tetramerization toward 1-Octene are introduced.

7.as for the polypropylene copolymers with hexene and Octene, the distribution of commoners, was studied by treating the samples through methods of stepwise cooling.

8.polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer ( tpo-101) based on ethylene and Octene copolymer with polyolefin resin formed by the reactive blending of thermoplastic elastomer.

9.a new ethylene tetramerization catalyst system for the preparation of 1-Octene has been researched and developed.

10.as Octene content of poes decreased, the shore a hardness, the relative density and dsc melting peak temperature of poes increased with higher strength. these properties were closed to the properties of plastics.

11.morphology and impact property of poly ( phenylene oxide)/ polyamide/ ( ethylene 1 Octene) copolymer blends

12.the ag modified ts-1 will enhance the selectivity of thiophene in model gasoline containing Octene. ag modified ts-1 shows better adsorption performance for thiophene than for n-Octene.

13.in situ infrared study on activation of several rhodium complexes in 1 Octene

14.the alcohol mixtures are preferably produced by hydroformylation of Octene rich streams formed by fischer-tropsch synthesis.

15.hydroformylation of 1 Octene over rh/ p catalysts

16.cndo/ 2-pmo study on reaction of phenol and Octene

17.study on melt grafting reaction of ethylene 1 Octene copolymer ( poe) with maleic hydride

18.preparation and properties of ethylene-1-Octene copolymer/ reclaimed isobutylene-isoprene rubber thermoplastic elastomer

19.effects of types and content of nucleating agents on mechanical properties of polypropylene/ ethylene Octene copolymer ( pp/ poe) blends were studied.

20.the toughening effects of metallocene ethylene-1-Octene copolymer(poe) on two different types of polypropylene(pp) were investigated.

21.ethylene/ Octene copolymerization with supported zirconocene catalysts and the  ̄( 13) c nmr analysis of copolymers

22.the new development and the application of metallocene ethylene/ Octene copolymer were reviewed with 20 references.

23.Octene-1 manufacturing process

24.synthesis of dodecene/ Octene copolymer and its shear-resistant stability

25.application of metallocene ethylene/ Octene copolymer

26.the feasibility of the existing technologies to synthesize 1-Octene is compared in terms of process and economics.