Ocean Sentence Examples | Use Ocean in a sentence

1.and the only problem with that was that i lived in a little village in canada, 600 miles from the nearest Ocean.

2.the pacific is the largest Ocean.

3.the strength of an individual, as compared with that of the masses, is but a drop in the Ocean.

4.it is south into the arabian sea and indian Ocean.

5.the atlantic Ocean separates america from europe.

6.so, probably, the depth of the Ocean will be found to be very inconsiderable compared with its breadth.

7.they may go hiking around the island, or swimming in the Ocean.

8.there were few sights as beautiful as the calm Ocean on a warm night.

9.they have made great efforts in technical innovation and every one of them has shown his own art and skill just like the eight immortals soaring over the Ocean.

10.it's the money that spurs these fishermen to risk a long Ocean journey in their flimsy boats

11.i had cried Oceans of tears

12.that feeling of freedom and risk in equal measure was difficult to find at work, so we sought it out on the slopes or the Ocean.

13.the ship was found after drifting on the Ocean for six months.

14.apec seems be drowning in an Ocean of jargon.

15.they spent many days cruising the northern pacific Ocean.

16.fossils bear testament to an Ocean-covered formative period, although today tatooine is all but waterless.

17.speak not of lakes and streams to one who once has seen the sea.; the clouds over mount wushan are the only true clouds.; don't mention streams to him who has seen a great Ocean.; the clouds that circle wu's peak are the only clouds for him.

18.the town was not far from the Ocean. "near the sea! " i said. "that's good, right? "

19.you know , i started sailing when i was seven , and started Ocean racing when i was about eighteen, but i'd never been overboard before.

20.it is like fishing for a needle in the Ocean.

21.it became impractical to make a business trip by Ocean liner.

22.these Ocean fogs can last for days.

23.i did once dream of becoming the first woman to captain an Ocean liner.

24.but it is still unknown whether the water on mars was like an Ocean or just ice.

25.his abiding passion was Ocean racing, at which he scored many successes

26.the island's in the pacific Ocean; i'm not at liberty to say exactly where, because we're still negotiating for its purchase.

27.submarine earthquakes often happen in Ocean.

28.the cape extends far into the Ocean.

29.have any fish been contaminated in the arctic Ocean?

30.there is so much water in the atlantic Ocean that it is hard to imagine how much there is.

31.tourists sunbathe and frolic in the Ocean.

32.they spend hours feeding on the Ocean floor.

33.andrews. for keiser, it's an opportunity for millions of golfers to see the dunes and sweeping Ocean views that links golf is all about.

34.there are countless islands in the pacific Ocean.

35.his fee is a drop in the Ocean compared with the real cost of broadcasting.

36.two oil-related accidents near los angeles have fouled the Ocean and the skies there.

37.gannets are denizens of the open Ocean.

38.more than 20 helicopters began swooping in low over the Ocean

39.our scenic flight enables you to see the spectacular sights of the great Ocean road in less than 3 hours.

40.under normal conditions, the Ocean currents of the tropical pacific travel from east to west