Occasioned Sentence Examples | Use Occasioned in a sentence

1.winter lingered so long in the lap of spring that it Occasioned a great deal of talk.

2.at length, however, an incident happened that Occasioned my return home much sooner than i had intended.

3.he on his side never failed to tell her his triumphs and the compliments they had Occasioned.

4.his presence Occasioned a sort of council of war to be held, of which charles might not otherwise have dreamed.

5.the first was, probably, one of those nightmares Occasioned and brought back by his hours of delirium.

6.a state Occasioned by scarcity of money and a shortage of credit.

7.in ozu's good morning, a family dispute is Occasioned by the children's demand that their parents acquire a television.

8.quilp himself, with his hands in his pockets, smiled in an exquisite enjoyment of the commotion he Occasioned.

9.now hodge offers his own, quite different, account of the liberal disillusionment Occasioned by the obama administration.

10.it is a great satisfaction to be the recipient of so much kindness Occasioned by my 1961 article on optimum currency areas.