Oblongata Sentence Examples | Use Oblongata in a sentence

1.objective to know the ultrastructure and function of synapse in mammal's medulla Oblongata megacell reticular nucleus.

2.the pons, the cerebellum and the medulla Oblongata composed the hindbrain.

3.objective: to investigate the forms and characteristics of gastric mucosal hemorrhages occurring after medulla Oblongata injuries in animals.

4.effect of glial cell metabolism on respiratory rhythmical discharge activity in neonatal rat medulla Oblongata slices

5.ultrastructural changes in medulla Oblongata reticular formation were studied by transmission electron microscope ( tem).

6.ultrastructural studies on reticular formation of medulla Oblongata in the early stage of brain-stem mechanical injury in rats.

7.in the high dosage group, three types of fos positive expression appeared in ventrolateral medulla Oblongata nucleus.

8.influence of endogenous opioid peptides in medulla Oblongata on effect of electroacupuncture resisting myocardial ischemia

9.codeine phosphate tablets can do effects on the central cough, have selectively inhibited cough center of the medulla Oblongata, relieving cough stronger and faster.

10.role of glycine in the modulation of rhythmical respiration and discharge activities of respiratory neurons in the medulla Oblongata slice preparation of neonatal rats

11.one (called the 'well of dreams') is found in the back of the head just above your medulla Oblongata.

12.result except 1 patient died from menotic nerve sheath tumor involving medulla Oblongata and pia mater, 14 patients were cured.

13.hemangioblastoma of the medulla Oblongata 47 cases reports .

14.it is generally believed that the medulla Oblongata is the one of the tonicity sources of cardiovascular regulation.

15.objectiveto observe projections of nervus auricularis vagi in brain stem of Oblongata level, and to study the mechanism of auricular acupuncture.

16.tissue, cytoplasmic protein, human adult normal, brain, medulla Oblongata.

17.effect of pressor area of ventral surface of medulla Oblongata on renal sympathetic nerves activity in rabbits

18.objective: to locate the related position of noxious dental pulp sensory input in medulla Oblongata.

19.the results showed that ob-rb mrna was located in the thalamus, cerebellum and medulla Oblongata in landrace pigs.

20.operation and nerve intervenient treatment which can protect the vessels in ventral lateral region of medulla Oblongata.

21.study on the distribution of neuropeptide y in the medulla Oblongata and cerebellum of aves

22.sixteen tumors were located in the midbrain, three in the pons, and one in the medulla Oblongata.

23.the veins of the medulla Oblongata and pons

24.the projections from the midbrain, pons and medulla Oblongata to the periaqueductal gray in the cat& hrp study

25.the parasympathetic innervation of the heart originates in the medulla Oblongata.

26.a large cordlike bundle of nerve fibers lying on either side of the medulla Oblongata and connecting it with the cerebellum.

27.distribution of afferent fibers in ventral spinal roots to the spinal cord and medulla Oblongata

28.tissue, membrane protein, human adult normal, brain, medulla Oblongata.

29.conclusions surgical treament may fully decompress the medulla Oblongata and ameliorate the clinical syndromes.

30.tissue, nuclear protein, human adult normal, brain, medulla Oblongata.

31.objective to study the expression change of nmda receptor in medulla Oblongata cardiovascular center of the rats after cpr.

32.localization of long form leptin receptor mrna in thalamus, cerebellum and medulla Oblongata in pigs

33.objective to provide morphological basis for posterior cranial fossa operation and nerve intervenient treatment which can protect the vessels in ventral lateral region of medulla Oblongata.

34.of, relating to, or characteristic of a bulb, especially of the medulla Oblongata.

35.located below the cerebral hemispheres and behind the upper medulla Oblongata and pons, each of its two connected hemispheres has a core of white matter within a cortex of gray matter.

36.microsurgical anatomy of the arteries of brain stem& the arteries of mesencephalon and medulla Oblongata

37.tissue, total protein, monkey (simian) adult normal, brain, medulla Oblongata.

38.then, hrp was injected into the area where the phrenic motor neurons occupied, retrograde labelled neurons were found in medulla Oblongata.