Objectiveness Sentence Examples | Use Objectiveness in a sentence

1.the three characteristics of fairness were analyzed from the philosophical point of view, which being Objectiveness, relativity and epoch.

2.now a task of top priority is to build an academic ideology of college academic evaluation, protecting its Objectiveness, justice and effectiveness by an innovation of the system.

3.in fact, Objectiveness and subjectiveness are always depended upon one another in literary history writing.

4.ruling resources are characterized by its Objectiveness, systematization, continuity and plasticity.

5.by political logic, the Objectiveness, independence and freedom of media are doubtable;

6.the authenticity and the representativeness of material sampling and measuring on site directly influence the Objectiveness and accuracy of the measured data and the result judgement.

7.the method of sliding mode controller was proposed for a class of nonlinear system, in which identification of Objectiveness under control resulting from wavelet fuzzy neural network was adopted.

8.making the law by judges has its necessity and Objectiveness.

9.this thesis reveals that only to reform the current auditing relation and make the government stand for the public interests as the client, the auditing system's real fairness and Objectiveness can be achieved, thereupon the independent audit entity can achieve a real independent position.

10.in order to guarantee the Objectiveness and fairness of the result, authentication must be strictly ruled and regulated.

11.meanwhile, the frequency of first person pronouns is very low due to the emphasis of Objectiveness of the theses.

12.it discusses how to review the Objectiveness, relativity and legality of electronic evidence in details, expecting to provide some help to perfect the rules of electronic evidence in our country.

13.it involves all humans activities of perception and Objectiveness, the essence of labor from marxism aesthetics is that not only has human transform nature world, himself has also being created.

14.such a model has defects in guaranteeing Objectiveness and impartiality of appraisal conclusions.

15.yet it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the relation as well as subjectivity and Objectiveness in passive sentences.

16.principles of life first, Objectiveness, systematically, and sustainability should be observed in the course of its establishment.

17.the author thinks the issue of truth can not understood only in the light of Objectiveness and knowability, the traditional fitting truth theory and cognition truth theory are truth views of old philosophy and mechanism which can not reflect the essential spirit of marxist truth view.

18.in conducting activities of construction project supervision, the principle of independence, Objectiveness, openness, fairness and impartiality shall be followed.

19.meanwhile, as a system evaluation method based on matrix modules, relational matrix analysis has the advantage of combining Objectiveness with subjective evaluation.

20.when conducting the eeism activities the principle of independence, Objectiveness and fairness shall be followed.

21.accounting information in transparency has been becoming severe obstacle against the openness, fairness, Objectiveness and efficiency in hearing.

22.beauty should have the qualities of truth, Objectiveness, social utility, emotion and novelty.

23.a food safety supervision and administration department shall ensure the accuracy, timeliness and Objectiveness of the information it releases.

24.there are mainly three arguments regarding to the aim of the criminal law interpretation in the criminal academic circles: the theory of subjectiveness, the theory of Objectiveness and that of eclect.

25.the detailed analysis of the target area can enhance the quantification and Objectiveness of seismic analysis.

26.in the process of evaluation, the goal programming is combined with grey correlation analysis for the purpose of Objectiveness and embodying the individual advantage of each alternative.

27.i deem that in order to distinguish the truth, our thinking should be based on Objectiveness, selflessness, desirelessness.

28.the method lends more Objectiveness and fairness to the quality control departments.

29.result it is law and self-discipline to ensure the Objectiveness, trueness and completeness of the medical record management.

30.their genuineness, Objectiveness and completeness all bear upon the study of music figures in history.

31.of course, the extreme expressions between both sides reduced the theoretical depth and Objectiveness in the dispute.

32.secondly, feedback mechanism truly has three characteristics, "informativeness" , "Objectiveness" and "diagnosisity" .

33.on the contrary, seeking for Objectiveness, such as fame, benefit, honor is the steps to a black hole and the source of their worry and sadness.

34.nominalization, one of the most remarkable stylistic features of business english contracts, can bring formality, concision, Objectiveness, accuracy and coherence to the contracts.

35.the persons who participate in settlement of appeal and complaint shall maintain Objectiveness and impartiality.

36.all the mentioned above, constitute the Objectiveness necessity and subjective possibility of ngos participation in public crisis management.

37.what we are talking about is not the harsh Objectiveness of the microscope, but a state in which there is compassion, sensitivity and depth.