Nucleuses Sentence Examples | Use Nucleuses in a sentence

1.the microglia is smaller than oligodendrocyte. the Nucleuses of microglias are mostly oval shaped, in triangular, and strongly basophilic. the chromatin is densely distributed in karyoplasm or under the karyolemma.

2.about the question of the culture developing direction, the leading Nucleuses of three generations of the party have had very deep argumentation, there are many initiative thoughts.

3.nevertheless, had the early days matting of double nucleus market, 4 Nucleuses should be met more quickly, some firmer.

4.there ware two cell proembryo and some endosperm free Nucleuses in the embryo sac 7-8 days after pollination;

5.Nucleuses of cultured mouse fibroblasts treated with different rnas were isolated and digested with dnase ⅰ. mouse albumin gene was amplified by pcr to detect levels of its digestion. in last week, the old correct intel of amd just released his first 4 Nucleuses processor reaches multichannel strong 7300 series product.

7.only Nucleuses were extracted so that the decision errors were avoided, resulting from the incomplete extraction of cytoplasm due to the color similarity between cytoplasm and background.

8.amd with " true 4 Nucleuses " define xin liang photograph " barcelona " . the strain rate is lower, ra in1# and3# microstructure is high, while increasing the strain rate would decrease the hot ductility and the positions of crack Nucleuses were changed from δ ferrite dendrites to austenite gb.

10.there are two polar Nucleuses in the middle of the embryo sac develops plumply, while the uninduced embryo sac atrophied and deformed. did leading Nucleuses of three generations of the party pass on and develop the thought of the party's governing capacity?

12.conclusion: above mentioned Nucleuses might involve in the transmitting, regulation and control of the abdomino-pain information.

13.most Nucleuses are big and their hardness is different.

14.the experiment has proved that tmv-rna multiplied vigorously in tobacco protoplasts with cellular Nucleuses, while hardly multiplied in cytoplasts separated from Nucleuses.

15.a case of hepatolenticular degeneration with lenticular Nucleuses calcification

16.results show that: ① depressant gy1 cannot prevent wax crystallizing and crystalline Nucleuses forming but increases the crystallized paraffin amount.

17.political assistants are the Nucleuses of education administrators in tertiary colleges.

18.apoptosis index determination: the apoptosis index was the cell piece in 100 Nucleuses averagely.

19.70 days after giving drugs, nnos positive cells in three Nucleuses of hbp+ msgand hbp+ ns significant different with control.

20.when electric currents (electrons) are passed through positively-charged gasses (protons and neutron Nucleuses) inside bulbs.

21.experiment 1, let rats acquire taste preference to quinine solution, and take account of β-ep-immunoreactive neurons in different Nucleuses of hypothalamic areas, separately adopted taste preference learning training and immunohistochemistry;

22.Nucleuses. pro football is like nuclear warfare. there are no winners, only survivors.

23.the Nucleuses were firstly homogeneously created under low-concentration of teos and uniformly grew up under high-concentration of teos and after aging.

24.go up in the computation of high density, tall function " 4 Nucleuses " it is to compare more " double nucleus " tower above of 70% .

25.but amd company shows, will promote dragon of 4 Nucleuses bright processor considerably before the end of the year advocate frequency.

26.results two hundred and ninety three Nucleuses were found among 38 embryos. the hybridization rate was 96.2%.

27.tunel staining results show that, in prostate carcinoma animals after the tl treatment, positive tunel staining cells increase, and there are light brown particles inside the nucleus, and small apoptosis roundlets, nucleus condensation and large amount of tiny Nucleuses form.

28.associated to roll out computer of family expenses of a 4 Nucleuses again.

29.are they in " 4 Nucleuses " adumbrative what does the market declare their views again and again?